Daos IV

Previously ~ Volume III

Picking up a few weeks after Volume Three, Volume Four's themes will revolve around humanity, origin, ancestry and how these concepts influence individual identity.  Heads up: there will be no "Big Bad" this season volume, because sometimes an internal demon is far more challenging than an external one.

Besides...as the city tries to get back to normalcy after the mysterious evacuation, new "people" will start arriving in town.

Mikael Daez as "Nicolao Daos"
Once rumored to be a Sacred Guardian, Daos is merely its witness.  The Umalagad, or Ancestor, has reincarnated in a form only Daos recognizes and only Daos can remember after interacting with it.  And though he's not "the chosen one", Daos remains an ever-infamous, resilient, renowned demon-hunter and shrewd detective.  He's attracted to his boss, the Soleado Valle Chief of Police, and is currently trying bury that attraction as deeply as possible (since the last Chief he worked under died).

Amanda O's husband Aljur Abrenica as Dominador Ona
Dominador Ona is a young detective assigned to train under Nicolao Daos in Soleado Valle.  Unbeknownst to himself, Dominador is the Umalagad everyone mistakes Daos for, and the reincarnation of an ancient warrior prince who single-handedly defeated a vampire army by wielding the rays of the sun.  Dominador doesn't actually know who he is and can never seem to recall what he does when he's in" Ancestor mode".  Not only that, but when other people are who aren't Daos witness his magical feats, they can't remember it either.

Kylie Bunbury as Trish Flores
Trish is an ambitious, driven reporter who's found no shortage of stories now that she's friends with Daos.  Because she knew of his reputation beforehand, Trish isn't fazed when Daos comes out and speaks to her openly about demons and spirits.  In fact, one of Trish's current favorite acquaintances, Hyun-jun Im, is of demon origin himself (and he's very open with her about it).

Jamila Velzaquez as Dani Reyes
Dani is Trish's exceedingly Catholic roommate who currently happens to be a drink girl in a strip club.  A gentle and cautious young woman, Dani is growing increasingly accepting and intrigued by the not-so-tidily Christian world around her.

Zhou Xun as "The Consultant"
In Volume II, the Consultant knew beforehand Daos was prophesied to die.  Her refusal to share this information has put a strain on their relationship ever since.  Used to pulling the strings and issuing the orders, the Consultant now finds herself in a position where she has to repeatedly appease to Daos in order to earn back what little trust he gave her to begin with.


Gina Torres as Chief Bibiana SolĂ­s
Bibiana grew up in a town plagued with strange deaths.  Ever since she's invited Daos to help out, things have only gotten stranger (albeit with less casualties).  A prominent figure and protector in her community, the very respectable Bibiana's one weakness lies in her growing attraction to the infamous demon-hunter.  As he is both a younger man and her employee, she realizes a public relationship would damage everything she's worked for.

John Cho as Hyun-jun Im
Hyun-jun was once a powerful ancient demon sorcerer.  But he recently had a run-in with the Umalagad who made him human.  Of course, since he doesn't remember, Hyun-jun blames Daos as he struggles to cope with his newfound humanity.  In the meantime, he continues his job as financial adviser and liaison for the Mayor.

Laz Alonso as Mayor Antonello Gomez
 A childhood friend of Bibiana's, Gomez's main priority in life is remaining Soleado Valle's mayor.  It is implied that he has even sacrificed a healthy love and friendship with both Bibiana and Carmen Arellano in order to attain this goal.  Gomez is so hell-bent on maintaining his political status that he's made the ultimate devil's bargain; he's agreed to let Hyun-jun invite various demonic beings with financial interests to set up shop - literally - in Soleado Valle.

Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen Arellano
The Chief Editor at the Medianoche Herald - where Trish works - Carmen is a cutthroat career woman who's harbored a lifelong crush on the Mayor, who in turn has been believed to be interested in Bibiana (if mainly for image reasons).  Thanks to Trish, however, Carmen now knows Bibiana's interests lie elsewhere, which puts her back in the game.  Though she was initially resistant to having a paranormal specialist in her town, Carmen cannot deny the wonders Daos has done for the town's news service.

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  1. I am wondering if Hyun will have to hide or if he will keep up being him. Will Bibiana and Daos get over the ageism and powerism? I am of course glad to see my guy Aljur, that man is beautiful. Why can't this be on my tv. The diversity, the great writing, the development. This is what tv and movies are lacking.


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