Daos IV ~ Ch2: Sympathy for the Devil

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Dominador Ona
"That was cold, Daos," Dominador objected firmly.

"Do you know who this is?" Daos barked back.  "Do you know what he's done?"

"He's stood by you and helped you fend off an infestation," Dominador countered immediately.

"To protect his own interests," Daos snorted.  "To protect his 'investments'.  Had the portal opened up on the other side of the world, he wouldn't have given a shit."

"So why didn't you kill me?"

Daos and Dominador turned to Hyun-jun who had suddenly stopped drinking.  The ex-demon actually set his brandy glass down and came to stand in his sitting room, away from his bar.  There was a new look in his eyes, in his brow...one Daos hadn't seen in a very long.

Nicolao Daos
"Why didn't you kill me?" Hyun-jun pointedly asked again, looking Daos in the eyes.  "You could've slaughtered me right along with the Horde, but you didn't do that. You made me human."

Daos shrugged, carefully shifting gaze. "Maybe...I hoped your newfound humanity would be unbearable to the point of suicide, Hyun-jun."

Dominador opened his mouth to protest, but Hyun-jun beat him with sarcastic snort.

"Bullshit," the ex-demon chortled. "You could've offed me yourself and you didn't. As a Sacred Guardian and hunter, you would've been well within your rights. Why, Umalagad," he sneered, "I think you have a soft spot for me. I think you made me human so I could seek redemption."



Daos tried not to wince. Ever since the showdown with the Horde, he'd been wondering why Dominador, in his Umalagad state, had not only spared Hyun-jun's life but made him mortal.  He wondered if mortality made people more susceptible to the forgetting charm he had going.

But then again, Daos himself was mortal and he had no trouble remembering who Dominador really was.

Hyun-jun Im
Goddamn it, Dominador, Daos inwardly sighed.  Please tell me you haven't gone and developed a subconscious soft spot for this man.

It made sense in a weird way though.  Ever since Hyun-jun had become human, Dominador had been increasingly concerned with the ex-demon's mental health.  He seemed even more concerned than Trish.  It seemed that if Hyun-jun couldn't barbecue people with a snap of his fingers, he no longer held much of an appeal for Trish.

"Well, redemption sounds nice," Dominador nodded avidly, confirming Daos's suspicion.  "In fact, from hereon out, that needs to be our new focus.  No more trying to talk people into suicide and no more drinking ourselves into comas," he added, looking at Hyun-jun.  "Now, I say we all go out tonight.  We can grab an early-ish dinner and hit up Club Piel Desnuda and watch Dani screw up people's drink orders."

Hyun-jun folded his arms cynically across his chest.  "Does this mean I can drink tonight?"

Dominador shrugged.  "I think it'll be okay if we cap things off at two or three rounds.  And since you can't flame-broil people at whim anymore, trust and believe that if you try to go more than three rounds, Daos and I will physically haul your ass from the bar.  We clear?"

"We can't stay out too late, of course," Daos cut in suddenly, calmly looking up at Hyun-jun.  "We have to be at work tomorrow morning.  All three of us."

Hyun-jun twitched, but acquiesced nonetheless.  "Very well," he sighed dramatically, waving his hand.  "I'll go, but I have conditions of my own.  Trish --"

"--is still gay as the day is long," Daos blinked impatiently.  "It's very important you understand that now, more than ever."

"Why do you say that?" Hyun-jun demanded indignantly.

"Because you have clearly shown your inability control your human impulses," Daos snapped.  "You sulk like a teenager, drink like a war veteran, and one need look no further than this new bachelor pad to gauge your spending habits.  You like Trish, Hyun-jun, and before we go hang out with her, I need to know that you know you can't have her."

"You might be able to snag a stripper though," Dominador beamed suddenly, like a child on Christmas morning.  "We can work your game over dinner."

Daos inwardly shuddered.  Just kill me now.

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  1. The end of this had me chortling. Poor Hyun-jun. Poor Daos.


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