Daos IV ~ Ch4: Skeleton in the Closet

Previously ~ Iseul

Hyun-jun Im
Hyun-jun stared ahead at the road, briefly wondering why it was so dark and empty in Soleado Valle.  The road seemed without end, heading nowhere.

He suddenly itched for a drink.  "Why am I thinking about this stuff, Daos?  I can't control it.  What's happening to me?  These people died over a thousand years ago, why do they matter now?"

"You're human," Daos replied carefully.  "Your perception has changed.  Humans are obsessed with the origins of things.  When we're feeling low, we try to draw strength from our identities.  But you don't have a strong human identity.  So it would seem your conscious and subconscious are struggling to create one for you, and in order to do so, they have to go back to beginning.  It's like hitting a reset button."

"Now you sound like that shaman therapist you sent me to."

Daos shrugged.  "You really ought to start seeing him again.   If you'd just let me call him, he could be on the red eye tonight."

Hyun-jun scowled.  "'Cause he was such a big help last time."

"You didn't give him a chance last time."

Nicolao Daos
"Daos...do you think of your parents when you're low?"

"I used to," Daos admitted, nodding.  "There was a time when all I had to do was think of my mother and father all their struggles...and suddenly, whatever I was going through seemed trivial in comparison.  These days, I tend to think in broader terms.  Ancient ancestors and all that."  He turned to gaze out his window, also wondering fleetingly about the seemingly endless night.  The drive to the club seemed to take longer than usual.

"Have you told Dominador about what happened to you and your family?" Hyun-jun suddenly asked.

"No," came the leaden reply.

"Sooner or later you'll have to," Hyun-jun told him.  "He deserves to know the truth about you, Daos."  Pause.  "And so does she."



Dominador Ona
"You're in a good mood," Dominador Ona remarked upon seeing Trish Flores's glowing countenance. "You land another big story?"

"Mayor Gomez and Nuriyev Financial have reached an agreement," Trish nodded gleefully.  "A surveying team will be dispatched to the downtown area to find a suitable sight for the new bank."

"And you're getting an exclusive?"

"Not exactly," Trish sighed.  "I admit, there's a plenty to write about these days.  These are some exciting times, but without having Hyun-jun on the inside --"

"You can air your grievances to him tonight," Dominador promised.  "He and Daos are meeting us at the club and he's promised not to get drunk this time."

"In other words, one of you will have to pry the bottle from his cold dead fingers," Trish scowled.  "I don't know which Uppity Being or whatever got the brilliant idea to make Hyun-jun human --"

"I think you mean 'Upper' Being, Trish."

"-- but they need to be spanked," she continued furiously.  "Such a waste of devilish talent; pun intended.  You know, he's done of lot of good for this town."

"Which is probably why he was made human, as his reward."

Trish Flores
"I caught a peek of the city's financials at the Mayor's office...we are drowning in debt," she exclaimed.  "The demon problem is so not helping.  But Hyun-jun came in and practically fixed it with a wave of his hand, and all he wanted was for him and his some of his rather elite fellow demons to be able to open up a few businesses and turn a healthy profit - what's so wrong with that?  It's not like they're the Horde.  The Horde came to destroy the town."

"I know," Dominador nodded solemnly.  "And Hyun-jun helped fight the Horde.  You should've seen him," he smiled, as though feeling nostalgic.  "He was picking them off left and right with surgical precision.  He had to, because of what Hellfire can do to buildings."

Trish's mind flashed back to the Domarad building and she shuddered.  "Don't remind me.  So is he better?  Like, at least on his way to getting better?"

"Well, he was drinking this morning when we went to visit his new apartment - sweet crib, if I dare say.  We need have a party up in there, Trish."

"A party might actually lift his spirits," Trish beamed.  "You know...reminding him he has friends who are here for him during this difficult time."

They met up with Daos and Hyun-jun at the club, noting both men appeared to be in darker, mre somber moods than they were expecting.

Dominador rolled his eyes.  "Seriously, guys?  What happened now?"

"Nothing," Daos shrugged uncomfortably.

"We're supposed to be having a fun night," Trish cried.  "Naked women, cold drinks...am I missing something here?"

The two men grumbled something that sounded like agreement.

"If you think we're letting you off, we're not," Dominador stubbornly crossed his arms over his chest.  "This depression kick is so high school.  What's next...you two gonna start wearing all black and cutting?  Is that it, Daos?  I'm gonna catch you sneaking smokes in the bathroom at work?"  Trish giggled behind him, but Dominador was so annoyed he kept going.  "Or maybe you'll go all daredevil and take a page from my book...start chasing demon sorcerers through random portals for a thrill.  Maybe you'll get lucky like I did and run into the next Hyun-jun Im."

To everyone's surprise, Hyun-jun laughed this time.  "Start chasing demons through portals?  Start?  Daos practically invented the art of tracking demons through portal.  The stories I could tell you about this guy.  Hey, Nicolao...remember when you were a rookie back in 1995, and your first night out you chased that - was a it Wendigo? - through --"

He stopped when he looked over at Daos and stopped talking once he saw the demon-hunter emphatically shaking his head.

Dominador was appalled.  "You chased a demon through a portal your first night out?  I thought that was 'Duh 101', Daos - after all the times you clowned on me for going after Hyun-jun my first night out you...you...you...." He trailed off as something horribly off finally dawned on him.  "You were a rookie in '95?"

Daos glared at Hyun-jun before turning back to his partner, trying to do damage control.  "Dominador --"

"But that was like...almost twenty years ago." Dominador shook his head.

Trish too was suddenly confused.  "I thought rookies were young.  Like...in-their-twenties young.  If you were a rookie cop almost twenty years ago, you'd have to been like, the youngest cop ever.  Like, seven or eight years old at the time."

Daos turned to Hyun-jun, smoldering.  "Thanks, man."

The ex-demon gave an apologetic shrug, but in truth, his night had just gotten considerably better.

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