Daos IV ~ Ch6: Crossroads and Crucial Moments

Previously ~ In the Mirror

Dominador Ona
"You know what?" Daos asked suddenly, rubbing his temples.  "I'm just not feeling it tonight.  I'm gonna walk home."

Dominador moved into intervene.  "Daos --"

The senior detective wasn't trying to hear it.  "Listen, I know what you're going to say next, and I appreciate it, but I'm not in the mood for a strip club.  I'm suddenly craving smokes and a shot of something, anything right now.  And since I'm not trying to turn into the next Hyun-jun train-wreck, I'd really like to just go home and go to sleep, okay?  You can give Dani a ride home."

He turned and left before his roommate could keep talking him into staying. Defeated, Dominador turned his attention back to Hyun-jun and Trish.  He didn't know what those two had talked about, but Hyun-jun was suddenly back to his original gloomy mood.

"Seriously?" Dominador cried.  "What the hell is going on with you people tonight?"

"It's getting late," Hyun-jun evaded.  "Since someone's making me go back to work, I have to be ready for an early meeting with the Mayor."  He flashed a look at Trish.  "If you still want that exclusive, you're gonna want to get some sleep and look your best.  Varinka Nuriyeva is really big on appearances."

It didn't take much to convince Trish.  "Fine, fine, I'm going...can you give me a ride, though?"



Ohtli*, New Mexico
December, 2009

It wasn't until he'd actually ascended from Mictlan that Nicolao Daos remembered the sun.

He wasn't sure where he was, but he knew he was in the desert, sometime during the morning.  The sun wasn't quite in the middle of the sky yet.  Even so, it was blinding, blisteringly warm and blinding, such that he had to shield his eyes with his arm.

"Apologies, Nicolao," the Consultant told him. "I should have brought you back at night."

Nicolao Daos
"I'm just glad you brought me back at all," the detective murmured, swaying on his feet.  In addition to forgetting about sunlight, he'd apparently forgotten about food or drink.  His stomach suddenly grumbled with a vengeance, and his throat was sorely parched.  "Where are we?" he asked.

"Ohtli, New Mexico," she replied.  "Population of about ten thou.  You recall the terms of your release from Mictlan?"

Daos nodded weakly.

"Well, they begin immediately."  The Consultant paused.  "What did Mictlantecuhtli have you working on down there anyway?"

"I was assigned to his wife's retinue.  She made me run errands for her favorite shaman.  Errands only a member of the living could run."

The Consultant's head rose and fell.  "I see.  I thought the Lord of the Dead would've been offended by your presence in Mictlan, but instead he took advantage."  She shook her head.  "Typical.  The gods really are all the same."

"May I ask...," he began tentatively, "...about my family?  Are my parents --"

"Your parents are deceased," she told him curtly.  "They died some years ago.  It's been nearly a decade and a half since you were in this particular realm, Nicolao."

The Consultant
To her surprise, he wasn't devastated.  Instead he nodded slowly and muttered, "I thought as much. Down there...I overhead things.  Things about the passage time and seeing across worlds.  I half-expected a hundred years to have gone by since I was down below."

"Which reminds me," the Consultant remarked sternly.  "We can't have anymore blunders which transport you across realms.  In fact, let's make that Rule Number One: if your prey opens a portal and runs through, you do not pursue.  Understood?"

The groggy young man nodded.  "Understood."

"Good," she nodded stiffly.  "Now, while you were 'running errands', you no doubt some traveling across worlds and back?"


"You met new people?  Saw strange creatures?"


"Perfect.  There's a particularly strange creature that's been snacking on the residents of this humble town.  I'm going to need you to track it and kill it.  I trust you've had to hunt before?"


The Consultant grinned broadly.  "Excellent.  I can see the oracle was quite right about you, Daos.  Do you mind if I call you Daos?"

Soleado Valle, Texas
Present Day

Dani Reyes
"Where is everybody?" Dani Reyes asked, hopping into the black SUV with Dominador.  He was waiting for her behind Club Piel Desnuda. The country music channel was playing for some reason.  "I thought you all were planning a fun night out."

"We were," he told her grimly, staring ahead out the windshield.  "But Daos fell into a funk and walked home.  Hyun-jun and Trish are back to their opportunistic tricks, and by the time everyone got done talking and left, your shift was almost over."  He finally turned to look at her and was quite startled by what he saw.

This was not the usual shy Dani Reyes getting off work.  She was in her Catholic schoolgirl uniform, true, but instead of knee-high socks she had on fishnet thigh-highs.  Her white blouse was untucked and tied up just under her breasts.  Her face, neck, and clavicle were dusted with some sort of - he was assuming - edible glitter, and when she spoke, he caught a whiff of some fruity rum on her breath.

"Dani," Dominador began, visibly alarmed, "have you been drinking tonight?"

"I may have done a shot or two," she shrugged nonchalantly.  "The girls gave me a makeover, said it would help me get more tips.  But then some jerk at the bar called me a dumb virgin, and the next thing I knew, all these topless chicks were stepping down from the pole to ask me if I really am still a virgin, and then they all felt they need to share with me what I'm supposedly missing out on."

"Dani --"

"Like, what does it even mean to be 'effed up the spine'?" she exclaimed, obviously perplexed (but not enough to curse).  "Biologically speaking, that doesn't make any sense!"

"Dani --"

"Are you still a virgin, Dominador?"

His mouth hung open as his mind struggled to find a diplomatic response.  His mouth worked for a few seconds, before Dani nodded decisively.

"I figured you might not be.  Thing is, I haven't really thought about losing my virginity.  Growing up in this town, being on my best behavior was sorta, kinda, like...essential.  But then the school burned down and now I'm slinging drinks in a strip club, and I'm starting to wonder the point of staying pure."

Dominador blinked rapidly.  "Dani --"

He wasn't entirely sure what he was going to say to her, but it was a moot point anyhow.  Dani cut him off with a determined yet inquisitive kiss to his lips.  It was brief; she pulled back to gauge his response, as though checking to see if it "took."

Meanwhile, Dominador was like a deer in headlights.  The shock of her actions had his mind whirling while his breathing and heartbeat were both still.

Oh, dear God...I need to stop this now.

"Dani --"

She kissed him again, this time with tongue.  She determinedly brushed hers against his, giving a few good strokes before pulling away again and checking for his reaction.

Dominador was officially speechless now, and fairly certain that either Daos or Trish was going to kill him for this, depending on which one of them found out first.  After that, he was quite certain that when he died, he was going to burn in hell for a long, long time.

Dani gave an exasperated look before trying again, this time climbing across the gear shift to straddle his lap.  Before he could protest, she covered his mouth with hers again, this time more determined than ever.

Dominador wanted to stop her, knew that he really, really, really ought to, and yet...she was kissing him so warmly, with both hands firmly gripping his shoulders.  And she was straddling him, squirming against his lap while trying to get comfortable...all of which caused his IQ to plummet several points.

The moment his hands touched her hips, he knew there was no going back.

Note to self...first thing tomorrow morning, find Dani a new job.

Next ~ Quid Pro Quo

*Ohtli is a fictional town


  1. No Dani No! Dominador lol smh. I cant blame Dani, a shirtless Dominador is hard to resist. So is Dani changing or will she still be the same person at heart?


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