Daos IV ~ Ch10: No Fury

Previously ~ Dilemmas, Choices...Morals

Trish Flores
Three days later

"Trish, now that I'm having sex, could you teach me about lingerie?"

Trish Flores's hand stopped halfway towards her mouth.  She hadn't actually had her morning coffee, so she was fairly certain her ears were playing tricks on her.

She looked up from her tablet and stared across the breakfast table at her roommate.

"What?" she asked.  "Now that you're having what...you want me to teach you about what?"

Dani Reyes sighed patiently, attempting to explain.  "I've started having sex.  I found a gynecologist and got a prescription for birth control.  And I bought a box of those candy-flavored condoms.  But I also feel that sex shouldn't be all about hygiene and contraception.  I think I should invest in lingerie as well."

Trish took a few slow slips of her coffee, willing her brain to stop whirling and get a grip.  She had a huge problem with Dani being sexually active.  In her mind, Dani was a twelve-year-old trapped in the body of a fourteen-year-old (Dani had "filling out" issues).

Dani Reyes
She needed Dani to start from the beginning.

"You've started having sex?"

Dani nodded.  "The first time was with Dominador.  It was kinda spur of the moment.  The second time was a few a days later with Hyun-jun.  He's a bit more regu--"

"You slept with Dominador?" Trish exclaimed.  "You slept with Hyun-jun?  A few days later???"

Dani paused.  "Does that make me a slut?"

"No," Trish shook her head, not wanting to traumatize her roommate.  "No, no, no, no, no - well, kinda...."


"You slept with Dani Reyes?" Daos roared. In a flash he'd crossed their living room and pinned Dominador to the wall. "In my car?"

Nicolao Daos
"Will you calm down?" Dominador Ona sputtered. He hadn't expected a reaction quite this big.

"You had sex in my car!" Daos barked. "You had sex with Dani in my car! You couldn't at least take her somewhere decent?"

"What are you, man, her big brother?"

"Yes!" came the furious bellow. "And so are you!"  He released his roommate and stalked away.  "You should've known better, Dominador.  You should've done better be."

"I know, I know, " Dominador sulked.  "It was a moment of weakness and I am deeply ashamed of myself.  I was getting ready to drive her home, she kissed me, she straddled me --"

"STOP!!!" Daos raised a hand, suddenly unable to look Dominador in the eyes.  "I don't want to know details.  I don't want to hear how good it was, how sudden, or how weird...I just want you to promise it will never happen again."

"Of course not!" Dominador assured him. "I mean, why do you think I got her a job in Hyun-jun's office?  That club was doing things to her - you should've seen what she was wearing!  I'm talking fishnet thigh-highs --"

Dominador Ona
"Dominador, seriously...if I have to warn you one more time --"

Dominador raised both hands in surrender.  "I'm sorry, I'm sorry; I'll stop.  But aren't you glad that I told you instead of just keeping it to myself?"

Daos was already in the kitchen pouring himself a shot of rum.  True, it was early, but it was necessary.  "Half of me wishes you hadn't," he grimly confessed.  "You better detail my car, you asshole."

"Done," Dominador promised.  "Enough about me.  All this sex talk has got me worried about you.  How come you don't date, Daos?"

"And inflict my life onto someone else?  No, thank you," came the grouchy reply.  Before Dominador could push the issue, Daos cut him off.  "We better get ready for work."

Dominador yawned.  "I wonder why we even bother.  It's not like people are dying in droves anymore."


Hyun-jun Im
Hyun-jun Im was a little surprised to get a lunch invitation from Chief Bibiana Solís.  Chief Editor Carmen Arellano?  Typical.  But Bibiana Solís?  That never happened.

He was also a little thrown at the choice of location; they weren't meeting at the Gato Negro, but a cafe across town instead.  And both women looked very, very serious.

"Mr. Im," Carmen began (and he wasn't surprised that she'd started the talking), "I understand that a meeting like this is a bit sudden, but your receptionist was kind enough to squeeze into your busy schedule."

Hyun-jun blinked, keeping his face and voice neutral.  "Well, Dani can be very accommodating.  How may I help you ladies?"

"This isn't just about how you can help us," Carmen quickly assured him, deftly maintaining her silky charm, "but about how we can help you as well."

"You see," Bibiana cut in, her tone far less cajoling, "we had dinner with the good Mayor recently.  And during that conversation, one thing was made patently clear: you, Mr. Im, are an invaluable member of this community.  Soleado Valle may be a dusty desert town today, but we have a feeling you will transform it into a stunning, prosperous city."

Carmen Arellano
Hyun-jun nodded.  "That is my goal for this town."

"And what about yourself?" Carmen asked, beaming her best Homecoming Queen smile.  "Talented, young, connected - what goals have you set for yourself?"

Without knowing it, her question posed a double meaning.  The truth was, Hyun-jun wasn't certain about what he wanted to do with his life now that he was mortal.  He deliberately avoided thinking about it, for he didn't like being reminded that some day he would die.

His uncertainty showed, and the women didn't miss it.

"I see," Bibiana mused.  "It's exhausting, isn't it?  All that work, all that sacrifice and investment.  All that pressure...so many expectations to meet.  It often makes us forget we're people, makes us forget sometimes to look after ourselves."

Hyun-jun suddenly realized he had no idea what these two women.  He was deeply unsettled, feeling his own mortality yawning from deep within.  He was thirsty, a feeling which he disliked, and a little hungry, which he downright loathed.  He hadn't gotten a full night's sleep, and was growing increasingly dismayed at the dark circles under his eyes this morning.

Bibiana Solís
He felt...lost.

"Perhaps we should cut to the chase," Bibiana stated with sudden curtness.  "The Editor and I also have a deep interest in this town.  We've sacrificed more than you can imagine to get where we are and we feel it's time for some new blood to step in and take over leadership.  You have all those connections, all that financial insight...it's a shame to be wasted on a mere middleman."

"Mr. Im," Carmen intoned, "how would you like to become the new Mayor of Soleado Valle?"

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