A Moment in Fandom: MisSpelled (@_MisSpelled)

Like I was saying on the Black Girls Club...if you're not watching MisSpelled, I do NOT know what you're doing with your life.

This web series has tapped into my inner fangirl in a way nothing has in a loooooong time.  It's like something straight out of one of my dream casts - the characters all female, and they're all brown.

Lindsey McDowell as "Gladys"
The group’s wild child. Her temper has always gotten the best of her so it’s no surprise her powers lean towards black magic. Her powers are at times unpredictable and can be ruled by her emotions. Gladys has done well in life adapting a careless and bitchy exterior in order to not have to actually make human connections. (Source)

Chelsea Jones as "Quinn"

The group’s time keeper. Quinn was made for magic. Having always been a bit of a mystic, I daresay she prayed for this. Quinn’s powers are ruled by logic. We can’t wait to see where else time takes her. (Source)

Vyvy Nguyen as "Emma"

The group’s healer and germaphobe. Emma is starting to have an intrinsic need to take care of things. As an only child, she’s never had to care about anything in her life (aside from being fabulous) so these new…abilities aren’t the most exciting for her. (Source)

Gabriela Banus as "Nina"

The group’s seer. Nina is the logical and cautious one of the group. Always thinking things through and calculating each of her steps. In actuality, Nina is best in service when her eyes are closed and she really listens. Seeing beyond means she has the ability to go to other realms in her mind. Only time will tell what else she is capable of seeing. (Source)

Carina Perez as "Stella"

The group’s….well…question mark. Stella may come off as not the brightest in the bunch but outside of the circle she maintains good grades and always follows the rules. No specialized abilities have come into her life yet but her powers will always lean towards what is for the good of the group. Do not underestimate this one. Her powers are evolving. (Source)

MisSpelled is currently attempting to raise money to film more episodes. As I told the Lindsey McDowell (who also created and writes for the show), I need this in my life.