It's a Comfort Issue

I haven't forgotten about this blog or run out of ideas; it's a comfort issue.  My computer is a desktop and it does no favor to the ankles to sit at a desktop all day at work then sit at one at home as well.  So I'm currently shopping for a cheap, tiny laptop so I lounge on my couch (last one died, and lil sis broke the other...*sigh*).

But the ideas?  No shortage of those.  I'm already thinking about Volume 2 of Oumar.

So if I'm quiet for the next few weeks, please forgive me and keep chatting while I ration my pennies between a new exercise bike and a used laptop.


  1. Notebook and pen, babe. The tried and true tools of the trade.

  2. Jokes aside, I hope you aren't just leaving a skinless eternal Yiryeon to languish somewhere in some untold demon's closet.

    1. No, honey...he's not going out like that.


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