Daos IV ~ Ch:12 Reborn II

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Previously ~ Reborn

Hyun-jun Im
Hyun-jun was deeply cynical about Kyung-min's advice.

While he had nothing against Dominador Ona (aside for once being shot in the heart by the guy), he seriously doubted the young detective could do anything for him.  In fact, Hyun-jun often wondered what Daos saw in the guy and why he even kept him around.

He gave it some thought for the rest of the night, snuggling next to a deep-asleep Dani Reyes.  For a time he slept as well, but a part of him lay awake, teased at the thought of having all his powers.

Teased at thought of being Mayor.

Fine, he mused.  I'll pay the good detective a visit.

After debating on whether to meet Dominador alone or when he was with Daos, Hyun-jun decided on the latter.  He still found it extremely strange that the demon Kyung-min had instructed him to ask Dominador ("and only Dominador") to be restored.

Was it because the young detective could be convincing enough to sway the stubborn Umalagad?



Nicolao Daos
Even though Dominador had honored his promise and not talked about...that thing...again, Daos was still having trouble looking at his roommate; the thought of the junior detective locking limbs with Dani turned his stomach.  He tried to shut the image out but it was exceedingly difficult.  He already knew what his roommate looked like shirtless, and he had a very clear memory of Dominador giving him mouth-to-mouth to save his life.

But just when he thought his morning couldn't get anymore weird or complicated, there was a knock on the door.  Still on his bathrobe and barely on his second sip of coffee, Daos was surprised to find Hyun-jun at his door.  Before he could ask why the ex-demon was bugging him so early, Hyun-jun pushed past Daos into the apartment, demanding, "Where's Dominador?"

"Good morning to you too," Daos blinked.  "He's in the shower; he should be out any moment."  Pause.  "To what exactly do we owe this honor?  It's not like you to show up at so ungodly an hour."

Dominador emerged from the shower, wrapped in a black towel and drying his wet hair with another. Like Daos, he was immediately puzzled at the sight of Hyun-jun in the apartment.  And with all eyes on him, it got awkward fast.

Dominador Ona
"Um...," Dominador blinked, "...is something wrong?"

"I need you to give me powers back," Hyun-jun told him bluntly.  "Along with my immortality."

Out the corner of his eye, he saw Daos visibly stiffened.  That chiseled jaw tightened as his mind seemed to whirl with frantic thoughts.

And the plot thickens, Hyun-jun mused.  There was definitely something about this Dominador fellow that Daos had neglected to share, something he sought to keep hidden from everyone else at all costs, something only beings from other realms could detect--

"Oh...my...God," Hyun-jun rolled his eyes.  "You're the Ancestor, aren't you?  You've been hiding behind a damned concealment charm!"  He turned to Daos.  "And you've been his decoy!!!"

Daos's voice was solemn.  "How did you figure it out?"

"One of my formerly fellow demons clued me in," Hyun-jun scowled.  "So how does it work, Nicolao?  You pose as the Guardian so no one goes after this guy?  And if they do find out, they can't remember - is that it?"

"That is correct."  Both men turned back towards Dominador, who's silky damp skin was now slightly aglow.  He was speaking Tagalog now, in a deep resonant voice which echoed off the walls.

Refusing to give into his slowly growing awe, Hyun-jun slowly walked over to him, bravely meeting his gaze.  "I am told I need to beseech you if I want to be restored to my former self."

"I cannot make you into your former self," the Umalagad shook his head slightly.  "You are not who you once were.  You have known love since becoming human."

Hyun-jun paused, blinking slowly as he began to understand.  "Dani."

"Dani!?!!" Daos exclaimed, appalled.

"Not only Dani," the Umalagad pushed.  "She helped you recognize that you had once had love before you were even capable of understanding it."

This broke Hyun-jun.  He visibly began to tremble, finally realizing why couldn't stop thinking about the old days, about Yiryeon and how he'd obtained his skin.  So far he'd been dodging the truth, drowning his sorrows and numbing his feelings to avoid dealing with a reality of the utmost pain.

"I loved Iseul," he rasped hoarsely, his voice breaking with the confession.  "I loved my Iseul, the Dreadful One, with all of my being, even though I had no heart and no soul to comprehend why I would've given up all I was just to be with her forever."  He suddenly turned to Daos, his eyes tearing as his voice violently shook.  "It's the worst thing, Daos.  Avoiding what you feel, denying what you really want, pretending things aren't as important as you know they are deep down.  Time is fickle, treacherous...time will waltz by while you waste precious opportunities, and lie to you that there will always be more.  But there won't always be more, Nicolao.  The truth is, while you wait, you wait for nothing."

He turned back to a beaming Umalagad, who was glowing much more fully now as he reached out to Hyun-jun to lightly touch his chest with two fingers.

"Now," the Ancestor's voice boomed, "you become something new."

Next ~ Return


  1. Does this mean Daos will stop playing around and step up to his woman? If it does, I am all for it. So is Dominador able to go Ancestor on command now? Shirtless Dominador is always best early in the morning.


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