Daos IV ~ Return, an Epilogue

Previously ~ Reborn II

Bibiana Solís
It was a slow day at the Soleado Valle Police Department.  In a town this small, a slow day was normal, provided nothing otherworldly was at play.

There was a time when the cartels were an issue, but it appeared that increased dealings with the demon world had taken care of that problem almost overnight.  Chief Bibiana Solís was still unsure as to whether or not that was a good thing.

Nevertheless, it was nice to be able to finally enjoy her mornings.  She could peacefully sit in her office, sip her favorite coffee, read her emails and enjoy the quiet --

The door to her office opened suddenly and in walked Daos.  Bibiana braced for news about another water demon or vampire invasion; the look on his face and the way he seemed to have to "amp" himself up to talk to her.

"Oh, dear," she said.  "What's happened now?"

Her question caught him off guard; he blinked and shook his head as though to clear it.  "Nothing's happened, Bibiana.  I just...I just have something I need to say."

Bibiana's slightly stiffened.  Was he about to his announce his resignation?

Nicolao Daos
He inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly, and forced his voice to steady as it began.  "My name is Nicolao Aureliano Daos. I was born on May 17, 1970 --"

Bibiana was flabbergasted.  "Nineteen...seventy...."

Daos continued as though she hadn't spoken.  He paced back and forth in front her desk, determined to get everything out.  "In 1995, when I was a rookie cop, I chased perp through and wound up in an underworld realm.  I was rescued in 2010, when I became a fully-fledged demon hunter in Ohtli, New Mexico."  He paused finally, looking directly at her.  "I want there to be no secrets between us, Bibiana.  So it's essential that I tell you that you are one of the most determined, most competent, and most resilient protectors I have ever met, so it's no surprise that I'm head over heels crazy about you...and I can't deny this any longer."


Hyun-jun Im
He was himself, and yet he was not himself.

He could feel the sun on his skin, the heart beating in his chest, the ebb and flow of air in his lungs.  Yet after skipping breakfast and lunch, Hyun-jun felt neither hunger nor thirst, and after walking all morning and afternoon, his body didn't weary.  His heart rate didn't increase and he didn't even break a sweat.

He was himselft...but not himself.

Now...you become something new.

Okay, he got that, but what did the Ancestor mean, exactly?  Because this was not how demonhood felt.  Demons were empty, bound by duty or the desire to have more - more blood, more souls, more wealth - but Hyun-jun felt anything but empty.  If anything, he felt...pure.

He figured Dani had left by now, and thought it would be a good idea to swing by his high-rise for a shower and a change of clothes before stopping at his office.  After all, Dani was probably at work wondering where the hell he was, along with all his clients.

He knew something was office the moment his elevator opened on his floor.  He didn't know what it was; his instincts were still new in this incarnation and he couldn't even describe what he was sensing.  He hurried into his apartment, calling for Dani.

"She's not here."

Kim Ji Yang as the
Fox Demon

The voice which greeted him was female, silky, as the was the owner.  She was a voluptuous woman,with stunning alabaster skin and leisurely crossed legs.  Hyun-jun found her lounging in one of his chairs, sipping a drink she'd poured herself.  Her clothes were of the finest quality and most current fashion, and after a second of taking her in, he realized she'd just spoken to him in Korean.

And not just Korean, but a very old, very familiar dialect.

"Who are you?" Hyun-jun replied in the same dialect, still unable to put his finger one what bugged him about this woman (aside for her breaking into his place).

"Let me guess," she purred.  "You don't recognize me.  I don't blame you, of course.  The last time we met, I was a man, a prince even...and you hadn't yet stolen my face."

Hyun-jun felt his heart stop.  When he spoke, his voice sounded like it was coming from across a great distance.


~ END DAOS, VOL. 4 ~


  1. I love how you write your stories with your cast of thousands. It's such a pleasure to read and get excited for more.

  2. Is this for real? I was hoping it was Iseul, but this was just different. Congrats to Daos, yes let there be no secrets. Back to Hyun, I was not expecting any of this, this Ancestor is just like Katrina on Sleepy Hollow, leaves to many cryptic messages. I agree with JNguyen!


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