Oumar ~ 101

Previously ~ Hunters

Patrick Mai
After Ami's band, Abyss Well, ended their brief set, Ami brought Aryssa Mai over to the guys. Patrick didn't even bother with hugs or hellos with his sister.

Instead, he promptly cut to the chase.

"We need your help," he told her bluntly.

"Go to hell," she replied with equal bluntness, unfazed by his lack of courtesy.

Patrick was just as unflinching.  "We need to know why dude here is hearing things about grey eyes in the dark.  Aryssa, this is --"

"-- Oumar," she finished, eyes unblinking.  "You're Ami's cousin."

Oumar felt uneasy under her gaze.  "That's right."

"I take it you're like your father?"

"That's what I'm told," he answered uncomfortably, twisting a bit on his bar stool.  "You know my father?"

Aryssa Mai
"I may have spoken to him once or twice while he was sleeping," Aryssa nodded.  "He doesn't use his gift.  His manner of death and the timing of his cycle allowed him to go back to his life."

Oumar suddenly felt a twinge of sadness.  "But it's not the same for me."

"The ancestors have decided you'll be a bit more active in our world," Aryssa briskly confirmed.  "The gift that runs in your family is far too rare and too precious to be wasted.  Your father may have shirked his calling, but at least he had the decency to send you on your first hunt."

"Is it human?" Patrick asked quietly.

"It could've been," came the toneless reply.  "It should've been."  Her voice and gaze changed, softened and became more distant.

"As we speak, the bull lies in wait, hiding its hooves and horns," she intoned, "but it can only stay hidden for so long.  The horns will betray." Her gaze suddenly sharpened and shifted back to Oumar. "You need not worry over a lengthy hunt, Oumar.  This prey will be a quick kill."



As Oumar followed Patrick back into his - their - apartment, he just had to ask:

"What the hell was that all about?"

"That was fancy seer talk for saying this won't take long," Patrick sighed. "Which is good. I hate long hunts, that's why I roll with seers. They track, we find, I slay...home in time for dinner. Speaking of which, you feel like a pizza? I know a place that delivers late."

Anh Sinh Oumar
"How many demons have you killed, Patrick?"

"Lost count," Patrick shrugged, opening his front door and switching on the lights.  He headed straight for his couch and switched on his TV.  As he pulled out his cellphone to order a pizza, both he and Oumar paused as the news blared across the living room.

"...but Oumar was a college graduate studying for exams in a coffee shop," a female voice angrily stated.  "He was visibly unarmed when the police opened fire and --"

"-- The police report clearly states he charged the officer who shot him," an equally livid male voice interrupted.

"The report may say that but if you head to YouTube and watch the dozens of videos filmed by bystanders --"

"Videos can be doctored!"

"Well, so can police reports!"

"You are both clouding the issue," a third, slightly calmer voiced interjected.  "The issue is whether or not the as-of-yet unnamed officer felt Oumar presented enough of a threat --"

"'As-of-yet unnamed officer,'" Patrick mused.  "Well, that's convenient."

Oumar's stomach churned.  "Can we turn this off?"

"Sure," Patrick shrugged.  "Only switched it on so I can play a game.  Feel like a round?  I know I've got another controller around here somewhere."

"Thanks, but no thanks," Oumar shied away.  "I was hoping to learn more about the demon world.  I'm sorry; it's all so new and still...surreal. I don't even think I believe in this stuff."

Patrick raised an eyebrow.  "Even after coming back from the dead?"

Oumar blinked.  "Point taken."

Patrick paused, as though steeling himself for something, or simply gathering his patience.  After a time, he switched off the TV and turned back to Oumar.

"The demon world is our world, Oumar," he began.  "The universe is infinite and we all live in it together.  A demon is simply a being like any other.  What makes it a demon is that it chooses of its own free will to do something wrong.

"To answer your next question, yes.  Humans have known about this all along.  Hunters are extremely common.  They're everywhere.  Sometimes it's the girl from the coffee shop whom you've been crushing on.  Sometimes it's the grungy dude who rotates your tires.  A hunter can be a hard-nosed boss running a board meeting or a drummer in your favorite rock band.

"People with gifts are also common," Patrick continued.  "The so-called modern world tries to make us forget about the natural world, but it doesn't work.  I mean, think about it...one day you realize you can speak to animals, or hear other people's thoughts, or even rise from death on a daily basis.  How are you supposed to ignore something like that?  We are what we are and in the end, who we are always wins out."

"And the hunt?  What happens next?"

"You and my sister have done your job," Patrick told him.  "You've given us a starting point.  This is the part where people like Ami and me take over and do some legwork to narrow things down."

"But I can help with that."

Patrick delicately reminded him, "You'll be sleeping, Oumar."

The Blasian's face fell.  "Oh...right."

"Don't worry," his roommate assured.  "Once the sun goes down we'll get you up to speed."

Next ~ The Kill, Pt. 1


  1. We are what we are and in the end who we are always wins out. Fantastic.

    I never realized I was being rude to my siblings by getting to the point quickly :)

  2. I like how uncomfortable Oumar is, its realistic. No one could just accept something like this. So I will enjoy seeing how he changes as he accepts his role and his power.

  3. Good story, so it's co-written? Great!


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