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Previously ~ Hovering

Aminata "Ami" Oumar
Aminata Oumar checked her phone again.  She was getting nervous.  She mentally kicked herself for not sending someone else to go with Patrick.  It was already after sundown, which would make transportation that much harder.

It's bad enough it happened in public.

Already there were dozens of videos on YouTube, with millions of views and hundreds of blog posts.  It was disorienting to see her surname become the number one hashtag trending on Twitter.  She knew better than to check her mail or Facebook page.

Social media was going to make the next phase absolutely impossible to get through.

After putting up a vaguely worded sign, she'd closed down her bar...for regular business anyway.  The other business would remain as usual.

She checked her phone again.  "Damn it, Patrick," she muttered.  She was about to call him and see if he needed help, but to her surprise, he was already walking through the front door of the bar, and he had company.

Aminata's eyes widened in alarm at the sight of Patrick's companion, who was up and walking about on his own.

Patrick Mai
Patrick nodded at her shocked expressions.  "Guess who," he greeted in a neutral tone.  His eyes betrayed no thought either.

Aminata shook her head.  "But...but it's after sunset."

Patrick shrugged slightly.  "Guess he's on a different cycle from his father's."

Aminata slowly approached her cousin.  He seemed slightly confused, groggy even, which was to be expected.  "Anh Sinh," she began tentatively.  "Can you hear me?"

He blinked back at her rapidly, recognizing her voice.  "Ami," he said softly, looking at her as though he hadn't seen in her ages.  "I...I thought I...how am I...."

"You died," she explained gently.  "You were about to be cremated, so I sent Patrick to collect you."



Ami had chosen Patrick because he lived in an apartment above the bar, accessible from the inside.  It was crucial to keep her cousin out of side as much as possible, but it seemed the gods had thrown them a bone.

"You'll be staying with me," Patrick told Anh Sinh, gesturing to his small apartment.  "It's small, only one bedroom, but given your cycle, I'm not worried."

Anh Sinh Oumar
Anh Sinh felt breathless, lightheaded.  His movements towards the black futon couch were fragile, stilted, as though he were learning how to walk all over again.  His cousin took a seat adjacent to his, while Patrick stood like a sentinel behind her.

"What's happening to me?" he asked, slowly sitting down.  "I thought...I remember...I saw my body."  He looked up at his cousin.  "Ami, was I shot?"

"You were at a coffee shop," she nodded.  "The cops were called because a member of your study group cussed out a barista.  From what we understand, you tried to intervene.  One of the officers opened fire."

Anh Sinh was confused.  "But...why?  I mean...a coffee shop?"

Patrick blinked, keep his tone bland.  "Thought you had a weapon, blah blah blah...afraid for his life, blah blah blah, police have begun an investigation, blah blah blah."

Anh Sinh was still lost.  "So I...survived somehow?"

"No," Ami shook her head, remembering to keep her voice gentle.  "Anh Sinh, you may not remember this, but when you were four, your father became gravely ill and died one night at home.  Your mom didn't call anyone because she was under firm instructions from our family to wait until the next morning, when he would rise again at dawn."

Anh Sinh blinked, struggling to remember.  It was like remembering another life.  "My father always got up at dawn," he murmured dreamily.  "He was strict that way.  In bed by sunset, up by dawn."

Ami nodded.  "And whenever he went to bed, your mother always said --"

"-- he slept like one dead," Anh Sinh finished with her.  She nodded again.

"Exactly," she said.  "Anh Sinh, the men in our family have an unusual gift.  When they die the first time, they are given a second chance through a, a cycle of sorts.  They die every day at sunset, and rise alive every day at dawn."

"So I died," Anh Sinh blinked slowly.  "And now...I'm alive again?  I'm not dreaming or...or transitioning --"

"You're alive," Ami assured him.  "Anh Sinh, it's difficult to explain, but the world we live in has many layers.  There are many beings in existence which defy the usual explanations.  You are such a being.  Our ancestors maintained a strong oral history about the men's ability to resurrect from death.  But in all that history, no one has ever risen from death after the sun set."

"It makes sense," Patrick calmly interjected.  "The world watched him die in broad daylight.  Therefore, the powers behind his resurrection would take that into account and give him a cycle more conducive to avoiding the spotlight."  He looked directly at Anh Sinh.  "You'd be surprised at the things which hide in the night."

"But why?" Anh Sinh asked his cousin.  "Ami, why are we like this?  What's the point?"

"It's a gift," she told him.  "It's a gift you can use to help people, especially people like Patrick."

Anh Sinh looked up.  "People like Patrick?"

"We'll get to that later," Ami hurriedly cut in.  "But for now, you need to rest a bit, get your bearings.  Get something to eat even.  We've got a lot more to talk about."

Next ~ Layers


  1. Yes they do have a lot to talk about, I want to know what this power is and who was the first of their ancestors to get it and why, smell a prequel, lol. I'm game for this story.

  2. Fascinating. You go and tell me that when I write I jump into the middle of the story but I'm telling you that I learned it from you.

    1. Really? I thought "Hovering" caught everyone up to speed.


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