Oumar ~ Hovering, a Prologue

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Anh Sinh Oumar
Houston, Texas
October, 2009


It's a dull sound, hearing a bullet hit a metal bowl. It's unceremonious, lethargic.


They're digging it out of me.  Or should I say, they're digging them out of me.  The room is small, cramped, disordered yet sterile.  It's disappointing in a way; you'd think in a city as big as Houston, the morgue would be a bit more grand.

The metal slab I'm on is just barely enough to hold me.  The guy to the right of my body is shorter than the guy to the left.  The guy on the right is digging bullets out of my right side.  The guy on the left is digging them out of my left.

I'm riddled.  I'm ruined.  I can't even tell you have many times I was shot.


The guy to the left is getting tired, or bored, or both.  He takes a break to go over to where a black backpack sits half open.  At first, I think it's his.  I think he's going for a cellphone or something.

Instead, he's pulling out books.

"Theories of Human Cognition," the examiner snorted to his partner.  "A Treatise on Adult Emotional Development, Advanced Abnormal Psychology...this kid doesn't strike me as a gangbanger, Matt."

That's because I wasn't, asshole.

"Hear tell he was a grad student," Matt murmured, steadily digging for another bullet.  "I think he was aiming for his doctorate or something."

"What was he, an exchange student?" the other asked, still rummaging through the backpack.  "What kind of name is 'Anh Sinh Oumar' anyway?"

"Shame," Matt mumbled.  "Kid flies thousands of miles to get an education, gets shot by the cops.  You know they didn't even bother to call an ambulance?  Just left this kid to rot on the sidewalk."

I'm a native Houstonian, wipe.  Born and friggin' raised.

"Gotta wonder what he did to get taken out like this," the other guy shook his head.  "You believe what they said?  That he charged at the cops?"

It was Matt's turn to snort.  "Clean-cut college kid trying to get his Ph.D. decides to go charging at the cops?  Highly unlikely."

"Even so," the other guy shrugged.  "Probably fell in with the wrong crew.  Wrong place, wrong time."

Um...yeah.  Existing while brown.  Never a good time or place to do that.



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  1. All I can say is yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention that I can watch this video more than once?

    1. Glad to see you again! Here's hoping everyone else enjoys the video as much as you!


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