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Anh Sinh Oumar
Anh Sinh didn't pretend to fully understand what was happening to him, or where his cousin was coming from. That being said, it all made sense, and yet it did not make sense. It felt both real and surreal.

In many ways, it was like someone had just handed him a piece to a puzzle he'd only been subconsciously aware existed.  Like Ami...Ami was the rebel in the family; after years of being a straight-A student she'd suddenly dropped out of college to work in a bar and sing in a rock band.  She hung out with people who wore weird amulets and collected things like daggers and crossbows (Patrick himself had an impressive collection boldly displayed upon his living room walls).

He'd never understood it before now, but it was starting to make sense.  A day ago he'd been riddled with bullets.  Now he was sitting in some guy's apart, sipping bottled water and watching said guy play video games while Ami went to grab some takeout.  He was a being who could rise from the dead - granted, only during specific times - but he was a supernatural being nonetheless.

Which meant there had to be others out there, others different from him.  The was a whole other world out there, and Ami had probably known all along.

"You're a hunter," Anh Sinh suddenly said, eyes pinned straight ahead.

Patrick Mai
"What gave it away?" Patrick asked.  "The massive assemblage of hunting gear?"  His voice was unemotional, but Anh Sinh could sense that the stoic routine required a lot of effort.

"You're not hunting animals," Anh Sinh stated gingerly, with only the slightest raise of his eyebrow.

"No," Patrick replied simply.

"And I'm supposed to...help you?" Anh Sinh inquired awkwardly.  "Hunt things?"

"That's the plan," came the mild reply.

"And I'm supposed to do that by dying and being reborn?"

Patrick actually hit pause on his game and turned to face his new roommate.  He didn't speak right away; in fact, he paused as though to keep his breathing steady or his voice calm.

"You said you saw your body."


"When you died, you said you saw your body.  I assume you were looking down?"

Anh Sinh blinked, caught off guard.  "Uh...right.  It was like I was, uh...floating.  Hovering above myself...or something."

"The next time you die, it won't be so simple," Patrick told him, and though his face betrayed nothing, there was the slightest flicker in his eyes.  "You will travel much further than the confines of a single room.  You will see things...beyond human comprehension.  And when you come back, you will have learned in hours what most people learn in a lifetime."



Ami returned with food, and to Anh Sinh's surprised, he was actually quite hungry. Again, it was one of those things which made sense without actually making my sense; he assumed that coming back from death probably sapped a ton of energy.  Besides, he hadn't eaten in over a day.

"So when do I see my folks?" he asked Ami suddenly.  She'd brought dumplings from his favorite Thai restaurant, like she'd known it was what he needed.

Ami Oumar
Ami gave him a small smile.  "Well, your dad's...'sleeping', and your mom is handling funeral arrangements and accepting condolences and prayers from people all over the world.  It's gonna be a while, Anh Sinh.  Things need to die down and you need to get settled in."

He ate a few bites in silence before noting, "You're different."

Ami beamed warmly.  "How so?"

"This whole time I thought you'd just snapped in college and were acting out or something," he shrugged.  "But you've known the family secret all along, haven't you?"

She nodded.  "Memory is the women's gift.  At birth we inherit all the knowledge from our foremothers.  I knew what I had to do with my life, Anh Sinh, and I knew I'd be better served working the underground rather than in a university or office somewhere.  A lot of people like Patrick come to my bar; it's where they can meet and talk openly about these things.  Share weapons, tips, war stories," she shrugged.  "They're all going to be very excited to meet you."

Anh Sinh did know how to react to that.  "Why me?"

"Our family's not the only one with gifts, but we're the only ones with the gift of daily resurrection.  And you're the only member of our family to rise in the dark.  You're not just rare, Oumar; you're unique."

Anh Sinh glanced over his shoulder at Patrick whose eyes were still drilled to his TV.  "Patrick says that when I'm dead, I'll learn things?"

"Death is a great boundary, but it's not the ultimate boundary," Ami explained.  "In death, you will see life much more clearly.  You will meet other people, other beings.  You will have the ability to travel through various planes of existence.  And when you return, you will bring that knowledge back with you.  See, hunters don't always move in packs; sometimes they pair up with seers for guidance.  A seer is like a blood hound to a hunter."  She looked over at Patrick.  "Patrick had a seer but she quit."

"How come?"

"Didn't like my methods," Patrick answered tonelessly.

"I think you two will be a good influence on each other," Ami assured her cousin.  "Though...Patrick will take some getting used to."

Behind them, the game suddenly ended and Patrick shut off the TV.  He rose to his feet briskly, stiffly, looking over at his guests.

"I'm off to bed," he announced.  "Need to get some shuteye before work tomorrow."

Anh Sinh was confused all over again.  "Work?  Tomorrow?"

"I'm an accountant," Patrick stated simply, before heading towards his bedroom.  "Just before dawn, I recommend you come to bed.  You can 'sleep' while I'm at work."

Bewildered, Anh Sinh turned back to his cousin who was clearly trying not to giggle.

Ami rose to her feet and reached for her cardigan.  "I need to head out too.  I'll leave you some reading material, some 101s to get you started.  Remember: stay out of sight.  Don't answer the door, don't make any calls, and don't get online unless it's just to read.  Got it?"

"Got it," Anh Sinh nodded, even though he didn't really get it.

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  1. Alright I'm curious about where this is going to go and how his powers will play out. You gave me some hints with what he can do in his dead state but I'm already excited about what he will encounter and how he will handle it.


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