#IDGAF I was rooting for #DarkFlash #TheFlash

Okay, so I've watched The Flash episode "Flash vs. Arrow" like 92 times, and I have laughed my ass off every.single.time.  Not because it was bad; quite the contrary.  It's just...when I watch awesome scenes in which people are talking, after the first watch, I no longer hear what the actors are actually saying.  I start to hear completely other shit.

First off, understand The Flash really brings out the geek in fans.  I've noticed that they/we go into full nerd mode.

In my case, I love, love, love the Dark Flash.  That's a villain I could totally get behind.  First, I loved when Barry gets "whammied" and starts going off on everybody 'cause he's nerd and everybody feels they can talk down to him whenever the fuck they want.  I could actually hear him saying, "First of all...fuck each and and every one of y'all...," before he verbally went ham on the people in his life.

Later, when he's in Flash mode picking on Eddie Thawne, then fighting Arrow, all I could hear was Scorpion from Mortal friggin' Kombat.  When the Flash yanked the poor, unsuspecting Eddie from a moving vehicle through the glass, and then proceeded to just smack him around in the street, I could swear I heard, "Get over here!"  And when he ran up a building to head off Arrow and was like, "Where you goin'?  We're not done!" all I heard was, "Get down here!"

(That and "Where the fuck are you goin'?  You better sitcho ass down....")

Okay, I'm done now.  *runs to watch ep for a 93rd time*

*still dies laughing*