Oumar ~ The Cleaner

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Anh Sinh Oumar
Oumar felt his knees threaten to buckle.  Unable to keep looking at the slumped over corpse in the living room, he went to sit on the couch and steadily kept his gaze away.  Patrick noticed this and snorted.

"You might as well deal," he chuckled.  "The Cleaner has a thing for opera.  He's not coming here until the intermission."

Oumar worked to keep his voice from shaking.  "And does this 'Cleaner' have a name?"

Patrick gave that snort of his again.  Something told Oumar that now the cat was out of the bag, he was going to be hearing that noise an awful lot.

"Cleaners work with hunters, but the two don't fraternize," Patrick explained, vigorously polishing his short blade.  He seemed to determined to remove every last drop of blood.

Patrick Mai
"And why is that?"

"Well, we need a body taken care of and the guy I contacted won't let that fact interrupt his evening at the opera.  So for starters...there's that."

Patrick was about to give another reason as to why hunters and cleaners generally didn't socialize when there was a brisk nod on the door.  The hunter sighed loudly, "Finally," before rising to go open the door.

A young man stood on the other side in a very charming suit.  He had pitch black hair and dark eyes that twinkled mischievously.

It was immediately apparent that he and Patrick had had this conversation many times before.

"Dude," the Cleaner nodded in greeting.

"Dude," Patrick replied.


"Body," Patrick pointed to the corpse, still gagged and strapped to the chair.


The Cleaner stepped in, wearing a fabulous dark suit with a silken tie striped in blazing blue shades.  He greeted Oumar with the brisk, polite nod of a gentleman, before walking towards to the body.

"It's good thing there isn't so much blood this time," he nodded slightly,  "My date wasn't happy that I had to leave so suddenly during intermission.  To be frank, neither was I."

Simon Tam
as The Cleaner
Patrick snorted.  "Let me guess: Mozart."

"You guess correctly," the Cleaner replied, slowly walking around the body.


"Don Giovanni," the Cleaner corrected him.  He raised his hands as though in supplication, and Oumar caught a glimpse of a couple of fine rings on his fingers.

And then...it was as though the policeman's corpse was suddenly bathed in what appeared be both smoke and flame, as though the fire and ashy air were one.  They flowed down the corpse from head to toe in dainty golden  plumes, almost liquid.  The body was neatly incinerated in seconds, while the chair and carpet remained intact.  The smoke detector didn't even go off, and there were only a few ashes left behind.

"Well, that's done," the Cleaner beamed.  "Patrick, it was lovely seeing you again.  'Til next time, my friend."

And with a tiny flourish, he showed himself out.

Oumar was rendered speechless.

They've really got this figured out, he thought to himself, flabbergasted.  Seers to find the prey.  Hunters to kill the prey.  And people who can "clean" up the bodies.


There was something about the Cleaner which felt off, as though despite his charming, innocuous appearance, it was very likely that he wasn't even human.  Oumar didn't know why he thought this - or more accurately, felt this - but he was certain the Cleaner's chic, immaculate look was just that: a look.

Somehow, Oumar just knew that whoever - whatever - had just walked out of the apartment was far more than what he appeared.

Oumar suddenly noticed his heart was pounding, but he wasn't breaking a sweat or shaking.  In fact, now that the body was gone, his nerves were fine, except...something had changed.  As he watched Patrick clean up the ashes with practically a skip in his step, Oumar suddenly realized what he was feeling about what had just happened.

He was excited.


  1. Aw man Oumar is getting in touch with that life. I hope hes ready for everything else.

    I think you can find a place for him in Oumar or Daos http://paeveyfans.tumblr.com/

    1. I think I'm gonna stop for now, because these character's are becoming seriously real to me, getting very fleshed out in my head and I want to start drafting them in the form of a novel.

      Trouble is, I'm having trouble deciding which hunter I want to start the 'verse with. Daos seems like a logical choice, but I don't know.


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