Oumar ~ The Kill, Pt. 1

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Previously ~ 101

Anh Sinh Oumar
After Patrick went to bed, Oumar went to the bar.  It just seemed like the thing to do.

Patrick wasn't big on reading material; he was more of a weapons guy.  And if Oumar was being honest, the excessive number of weapons made him uncomfortable.

If he recalled correctly, he'd never been a violent guy.  If anything, he seemed to prefer the quiet.  Thinking hard about it, Oumar deduced his ideal evening would involve hot tea and a good book.

Wow...I must have been a really boring guy.

Then again, HPD found me interesting enough.

He stomach twisted at the thought, so he pushed it out of his mind.  Upon entering the bar, Oumar remembered to avoid eye contact or speaking too loudly.  It was still too early to draw attention to himself, even here, and more importantly, he didn't want to.  He needed time to process, to digest what was happening to him and he couldn't do that with strangers firing questions at a thousand miles per minute.

Because he already knew they would.



Ami smiled that smile of hers when she saw him, and immediately Oumar felt so much better.  He knew it wasn't just because she was kin and familiar face.  Whether it was spiritual programming or some inborn instinct, Oumar knew he could trust Ami completely.

Ami Oumar
"You look well," she greeted him warmly. "Your mom sent over some oolong. I could make you a cup if you'd like."

"Yesssss," Oumar surrendered, hanging his head. "How did you know?"

"Your mom knew," Ami chuckled.  "She always knows.  She also sent over some agarwood to burn, said you might find it soothing during this time."

Oumar felt like the slightest threat of tears in the back of the eyes.  "Tea and agarwood," he murmured.  "She really does know me."

"Patrick may take issue with your burning incense in his apartment, but he'll get over it," Ami assured it.  "And speaking of...is he, um...behaving himself?"

Oumar raised an eyebrow.  He hadn't expected such an inquiry.  He struggled to imagine what Patrick would be like if he misbehaved.

"Uh, yeah," he replied awkwardly.  "He's pretty chill.  Doesn't say much.  Doesn't...do much."

"Good, good," Ami nodded repeatedly, seeming both nervous and relieved at the same time.  "It's just that, uh...some people find Patrick...at times...to be a bit...much.  You know?  Like...really intense."

Oumar laughed aloud before he stop himself.  "Yeah, no," he shook his head.  "Patrick is anything but intense."


He was getting the hang of it. Well, relatively speaking...whatever the hell that meant.

First, he was acclimating to the darkness.  In the beginning, the darkness felt empty, like a yawning void.  But now, after dying again, Oumar's senses were beginning to adapt.  For starters, he obviously didn't need his physical senses; the language of the Other Side was, ironically, far less complex.

It wasn't about hearing voices.  It was about feeling thoughts.

Sékouba Doucouré as
Seydou Oumar
He could feel his father's thoughts.  During the overlap, when night slowly turned to day, Oumar feel his father in the dark, reaching and fading.  In the rare, brief seconds Oumar saw his father in the shadows, Seydou Oumar appeared young; in fact, he appeared about Oumar's age.

But then, in a flash, Seydou became voiceless, bodiless, merely a presence in the dark.

You're here, Oumar reached out to his father.

For now, came the soft reply, as though from across a great distance, and in a dream.

Why didn't you ever tell me?

You were healthy.  The reply seemed so simple.  You were in school; you had a bright future.  I thought you would have a normal life.  I thought I could shield you from...all this.

Oumar tried to keep from sounding accusatory, but he failed.  You should have told me, he fired at his father.  You should have prepared me.  We're different.  We don't have the privilege to be ignorant about these things.

Your mother is not of our people, his father said.  I didn't think it would pass to you.  I thought you would be different.  I thought you would be seen as different.

Why did you turn your back on who you are? Oumar demanded.  Why did you never go on a hunt?

I did go on a hunt, Seydou assured him, his face briefly visible in the dark.  But I could not make the kill.  His presence began to fade as he was slowly drawn back into his body.  Judge me if you must, Anh Sinh...but wait until they bring you your first prey.

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  1. His father is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Interesting, so will Oumar be any different then his father? Im guessing not killing his prey caused the father to fall from his purpose or maybe there was more. Either way I'm interested.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one seeing how fine Sékouba Doucouré is. 'Cause, like, damn.


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