Oumar ~ The Kill, Pt. 2

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Previously ~ The Kill, Pt. 1

Patrick Mai
During his lunch break, Patrick Mai checked his phone for the hundredth time.  He was certain he'd get a text from Ami by now; she'd assured him today was the day.  He'd made a point of buying food from a different restaurant today and bringing it to the break room to eat in full view of his coworkers.

Damn it, Ami.  I can't pull this off every day.

Finally, it came.


For a hunter, there was no more beautiful word.  To see it there, in black print against white screen...it got his blood pumping, his skin warming, his heart singing.

Finally...a hunt.

Which cued him to initiate Phase Two.  Feigning sickness, Patrick suddenly rose and ran to the men's bathroom where he forced himself to vomit.  After that, it didn't take much for his manager to send him on account of food poisoning.

One of the first rules of hunters was to have a day job. The second rule was to keep said day job at all costs.



Patrick arrived at the bar in record time, the familiar fire alight in his eyes. "Where's the prey?" he demanded, before he'd even pulled up his favorite bar stool.

Ami winced.

"Slight problem," she told him.  "Our hackers couldn't narrow the information down; instead of finding the name and picture of the office who killed Oumar...they found twenty."

Ami Oumar
She handed him a small stack of printouts, each one bearing the name, picture, and most basic information about a police officer.  Patrick's dark eyes eagerly skimmed the various pages.

"We could still figure it out today,"Ami rushed to assure him.  "Just be patient.  We've got people on the force; it's just "

"It's cool," he replied neutrally.  "I'll head up to my apartment, check on Oumar...keep me posted, will you?"

"Of course," Ami blinked, surprised at his calm.  "I'll let you know as soon as we do."

Patrick headed up the stairs without his usual Scotch, which Ami also found odd.  For Patrick, Scotch always helped with disappointment.

She hope it was Oumar; she hoped her hunch was right that he would be a positive influence on Patrick.  Hunters and seers alike avoided Patrick like the plague, and there was no left for her team him up with.


Oumar woke with a foreboding.  He immediately rose and showered; he noticed how much a hot shower made him so much better these days.  Tonight he planned to drink tea, burn the agarwood incense his mother had sent over, and doing some heavy reading.

Anh Sinh Oumar
Of course, his evening was ruined once he stepped foot into the living.  There was a bloodied, beaten man bound and gagged to one of the dining table chairs.  Nearby, Patrick stood, his shirt untucked and sleeves rolled up as he polished a very sharp-looking knife.

At the sound of Oumar's approached, the hunter looked up.  "Finally, you're awake," Patrick greeted.  "We have company, Oumar."

At the name "Oumar" the man's eyes widened in horror.

Patrick walked over to him and grabbed a fist full of his hair.  "Oumar, meet Officer Damian Trunchbull.  Six-foot-two, a hundred and ninety-two pounds, dark blond hair, and oh yes...."  He yanked the man's head back so the light fully fell upon his face.  "Grey eyes."

Oumar felt his blood freeze and his stomach fiercely as he faced the man who'd killed him.  It seemed surreal; up until now he thought of Patrick's apartment as some sort of sanctuary, a safe space from the madness of world where demons walked among humans, and the dead could rise on a daily basis.

The presence of the man who killed him - actually killed him - brought a sharp sense of reality to what seemed like a deep, dark dream until now.

Oumar didn't notice Patrick had let the man's hair go and walked towards him with the knife held out, handle first.

"This is your hunt," Patrick told him, solemn now.  "You make the kill."

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    1. This project is about seeing folks' reactions to this storyline and these characters. When I do the actual novella, I'll slow things down and flesh the characters out more.


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