Mourning Nimoy

The legend is dead, my friends.

As you guys I know, I'm a huge Trekkie and will be one when I die.  Leonard Nimoy, in my opinion, was the great pillar, the original giant of the Star Trek franchise aside from Roddenberry himself, and as I wrote on my main blog, he was one of the very few things Hollywood ever did correctly.

In memoriam of this legend, this sci-fi deity, I am bringing back my Star Trek fanfics and and actually bringing back a more polished version of my first Trek fic ever, Into the Valley, which was nominated for "Best Humour" in the 2009 Spock/Uhura Awards.  I ask you all to write and share your tributes to this former living monument, whose death I have dreaded for many, many years.

The legend is dead.  Long live the legend.