Into the Valley ~ All in the Family #Uhura

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Hikaru Sulu of Laidley House, please report to the Lobby. Repeat: Hikaru Sulu of Laidley House, please report to the Lobby. You have a visitor. Repeat: You have a visitor.”

Hikaru looked up from his homework and blinked. Next to him, Jim and Lenny stiffened in unison. All around them, the Hodges House Library went deathly silent. Quietly, Hikaru rose, signed off his personal computer and started walking out alone. One student started singing Darth Vader’s theme; another jumped in, and one by one the Hodges students added their voices in a carefully layered harmony. By the time he exited the room, the students had transformed into a resounding chorus.


Hikaru scowled as he made his way down into the Foyer. There was a single person waiting for him, regally clad in a red and black Starfleet uniform.

Hikaru twitched. Fuck me….

“Karu?” she turned to face him. Her hair was elegantly pulled away from her face, and she wore her makeup subtly. She laughed when she saw him. “Love the hair. And the uniform—schoolboy much?”

“Hiroka,” he twitchingly greeted his older sister. “I didn’t know you were beaming in.”

She shrugged. “The ‘rents asked me to check on you before I ship out. The Archer departs in two days for the Illias System. We won’t be back for a month.”

“Well, I’m here,” he said awkwardly, “and…I’m fine, so….”

“So,” Hiroka chuckled, “show me your room, show me your classrooms. I dunno…introduce me to your accomplices.”

He scowled. “That’s not funny.”

“No,” she agreed, “it’s really not. The whole family’s in an uproar. Our mom’s getting hails from everywhere, even from our relatives stationed as far as Trill.” She cocked her head to the side. “Most of our relatives think what you did was funny, but Uncle Ryu is taking it the hardest.”

“And…Dad?” he asked tentatively.

“The stalwart captain of the Moldavia will not be returning ahead of schedule, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Hikaru gave a deep slow, of sigh relief. “Well, that’s good.”

“So,” she gently touched her brother’s arm, “show me around!”


“Dude,” Jim Kirk gasped, “your sister is hot. God bless the starship engine which gets a regular fondling from her!”

“Could you stop?” Hikaru snapped. He nervously watched Hiroka talk to the headmistress in the staff’s primary resource room. “What the hell are you doing down here anyway?”

“Making sure you’re still alive,” his friend snorted. “The fuck is up with you today? You get chewed out once by ‘Miz Beulah’, and then your family sends—of all the people in your bigwig-heavy family—your sister.”

“They sent my perfect older sister,” Hikaru explained bitterly. “The esteemed Ensign Hiroka Sulu, bridge officer of the USS Archer, top of her graduating class at the Academy, never been in trouble for anything in her entire life—”

Jim seemed to recoil slightly. “Oh…goody-goody, huh?”

“Try Queen of the Goody-Goodies,” Hikaru snorted. “Hiroka’s the firstborn and Miss First Place—in everything. So no, it’s not a surprise my parents sent her to visit me.” He shuddered as his sister bid the headmistress goodbye and headed back towards him. “I feel a speech coming on,” he mumbled.

“Great school you got here, Karu,” Hiroka said brightly. “Lots of labs, libraries, lounges, holodecks—Stellar Valley wasn’t around when I was in high school. Is this Jim Kirk?”

“He was just leaving,” Hikaru said quickly, and his friend didn’t object.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Jim nodded, before fleeing.

“Let me guess,” Hiroka chuckled, “he’s the ‘chain-smoking skirt chaser.’”

“Hiroka,” Hikaru began uncomfortably, “I really have to get back my homework.”

She raised her hands in mock surrender. “I get it, I get it—you want me gone. I understand. But you have to understand that you brought me here.”

“I know,” Hikaru interjected, “but I had a one-on-one with the headmistress this morning and if I never hear another lecture again, it’ll be too soon.”

Hiroka laughed, before doing her best Southern accent. “That Miz Beulah is mighty fierce.”

Her brother scowled, making Hiroka laugh all the harder.

“Really, though,” she said, when she finally caught her breath, “you got a good thing here. And I don’t just mean this kick-ass school. You have a girlfriend, right?”

Hikaru felt really uncomfortable now.

“Vira Zwan,” he nodded. “A Trill.”

“I hear she’s brilliant,” his sister raised her eyebrow, “I hear she’s the top of pretty much any class she’s in.”

She sucks at languages, Hikaru wanted to say for some reason, but decided to remain quiet.

“You know,” Hiroka sighed, “that’s one of the great things about this school. If you play your cards right here, meet someone good, pass all your courses, and go through the Academy together, you might even get posted to the same ship. You won’t have to sit and worry about what the other’s one doing on the other side of the galaxy. Do you know how rare that is?”


Jim Kirk headed back to Hodges Library as quickly as possible. He didn’t like how things were looking. On his way towards the Hodges turbolift, he heard the dreaded intercom say his name.

James Kirk of Hodges House, please report to the main lobby. James Kirk of Hodges House, please report to the main lobby. You have a visitor. Repeat: You have a visitor.”

Fuck me. He hadn’t actually expected his stepfather to show up. That wasn’t the old man’s style. He just called, cussed Jim out, and then just never brought it up again. They had a system, and it worked.

Why the hell was the man rebooting their system now?

He knew better than to ignore the intercom; grudgingly he cut through the throngs of whispering students, making his way to the lobby. He didn’t see his guest right away, which sucked for him, because he didn’t dodge the brutal slap which shot out and knocked his head over.

“James Tiberius Kirk!” came the shrill scream.

Jim wobbled on his feet for a moment, temporarily disoriented. “Mom…?”

“Are you trying to get expelled?” Winona screamed, her blond hair in disarray, and her dark blue gown slightly wrinkled, no doubt from last-minute travel. A comely blonde in her forties, she appeared to have a temper from hell. “Do you want to go back to wrestling cows and planting corn for the rest of your life? You think I spent thousands of credits on this goddamn school so you could be a deadbeat?”


“Boy, if that’s what you think, you sure as hell are mistaken! If I’d gotten the chance to actually bury your father, I know he’d be turnin’ in his grave right now!”


“Don’t you ‘Mom’ me!” she railed at him, slapping him again. Behind him, he could hear the whispers amplify. As long as they didn’t reach his girlfriend’s ears, he would be okay. “Smoking,” Winona spat, “dating Romulan exiles, trading illegal drugs for a measly couple of credits—what species do you think we are, boy? Do we look like Ferengi to you?”


The next slap actually knocked him back onto a bench. He had to shake his head to clear it, and there was ringing in both ears. Winona was in his face now, grabbing him by the collar and rasping very lowly, very dangerously now, “If you want to rot in the ass crack of Iowa like every other inbred dunghead out there, you let me know right now. But if you want to be the man your father would want you to be, then the next reports from Miz Beulah better be stellar—you got that?”

Winona pulled back suddenly to daintily adjust her hair and clothes. She then bent over to straight his tie. He flinched when she came towards him, expecting another slap. After straightening his tie, she stood back, looking him over and asking very levelly, “So? How’s your asthma? Is the prescription still working or do you want to go back on the inhalers? Are you eating okay or are you still living off pizza? You know how badly melted cheese gives you gas.”

Jim gawked at his mother, feeling his balls rapidly shrink.


Unlike his comrades, Lenny McCoy knew he wasn’t getting a visitor anytime soon. That just wasn’t how his family operated. His parents were the “I’m only going to tell you once” type of folks. He’d already gotten held back once, thanks to Klingon tobacco, and that hadn’t helped his case. He already knew his fate once the headmistress summoned him to her office. Glancing at the time on his datapadd, Lenny nodded in defeat. In the McCoy home, dinner had just ended and the dishes were being put away. Which meant that his father was going to be sending him a message…right…about….

Be-beep. Be-beep. Be-beep.

Lenny sighed wearily, flipping open his computer and greeting his graying father’s grim face.
“Hi, Daddy.”

“Listen, son,” the old man said terse, “’cause I’m only gonna tell you once. You sure are lucky this full year got paid up. But if you think you’re spending your senior in Appalachia, you can forget it.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Now the Mississippi Academy of Medicine is waiting for you next fall. Dean Myers has already set aside a scholarship. I don’t wanna to hear two words about it, hear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You look tired, boy. That Kirk not letting you get your rest, son?”

“He’s all right, Daddy.”

“Well good. Your mama sends her love.”

“Send her my love too, Daddy.”

“Will do. ‘Night, son.

“’Night, Daddy.”

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