Into the Valley ~ Confessions, Bitter and Sweet, Pt 2 #Uhura

Previously ~ Confessions, Bitter and Sweet, Pt 1

“What?” Nyota demanded, so loudly and clearly he had to stop.

“Hikaru and Lenny created a tincture from a modified talon tree,” he rasped breathlessly, his head swimming and unable to think clearly. “Many students have been taking it, including us. We’re safe, Nyota. We don’t have to worry about conception.”

“I don’t recall agreeing to take any tincture of….” She trailed off as realization dawned. “The tea,” she gasped. “What’s that you once said about men serving women?”

The growing direness of the situation began to clear his head. All passion and heat soon vanished as Nyota pulled from him slowly.  He didn’t dare stop her.


“You poisoned me,” she bit out, as her eyes began to tear.

“No, no,” he shook his head quickly, now panicking with her. His heart thudded in his side as he dreaded what could happen next. “I monitored our blood chemistry, I kept the doses mild—it was safe! It was the only way!”

“Only way?” she asked, her voice shriveled and racked with sobs. She continued to back away from him. “So that what? So that we could—”

“We want each other,” he protested. “Remember? But we had…concerns. It’s torture, Nyota, utter torture to look at you, touch you, but not have you! It’s not fair!”

“And you couldn’t tell me? You didn’t even ask if it was what I wanted, or how I wanted!” She was out of the tub now, clumsily hiding herself behind a tiny towel.  “You poisoned me!"

“No!” Spock insisted. His voice shook as he tried to reason with her. “We tested everything! There was no danger. We modified the plant. We diluted the tincture. We even crosschecked the various species for possible allergic reactions. It was safe! Nyota! Nyota!”

But she had taken off running, leaving him alone in the moonlit bath.


How in the universe did I ever get talked into this?

Vira Zwan lay beneath her vigorously moving boyfriend, trying to replay the entire preceding scenario in her head, looking for the flaw in equation.

The kissing was hot. The touching was hotter. Then he told me about the tincture. We argued, and then we fell back to kissing. The kissing turned to touching, all that heat was amplified this time. But then we got naked and started to use our interlocking parts, and now the heat’s gone out right out the window.

At least, for her it had. Hikaru’s eyes were blissfully shut as he continued to move above her, lost in whatever wonderful world he was in. Meanwhile, she was in hell. She was sore, she was hurting, and the gaping silence of her dorm room was making things even more uncomfortable.

His pace suddenly quickened, and that didn’t help at all. For one, she was lying on her hair, and every downward move caused her scalp to painfully tug. Secondly, the whole ‘pounding’ thing wasn’t working for her, probably because she literally felt pounded…like some dull, blunt, heavy object kept bashing into her pelvis.

She was about to say something, maybe make a polite suggestion when her dorm flew open and Nyota flew in, sobbing and soaking wet in a garish purple bathrobe.

Vira sighed. Oh, thank God!

Hikaru tore himself off Vira at once, moving deeper beneath her purple covers as he gave Nyota a flabbergasted look.

“What the hell?” he gasped, reaching under blankets for his clothes. “What the friggin’—”

“Out!” Nyota screamed at him suddenly, like a distraught madwoman. “Grab your shit and get the fuck out!”

“Okay, okay,” Hikaru replied hastily, digging for his clothes. Vira calmly helped him. It sucked that fate required one disaster to divert another, but she was willing to accept its logic nonetheless.

Before he could leave the room, Nyota stopped him.

“You knew,” she accused. “The whole time he was putting that poison in my tea and serving it to me—you knew, didn’t you?”

Hikaru froze, like a soldier on a minefield. “Uhhhhhhhh—”

“The tincture isn’t poisonous, Ny,” Vira said softly. “I helped rear the plant myself.”

Nyota turned to face her roommate as though in a daze. Hikaru took this opportunity to run for his life, fairly certain his girlfriend would talk her way out of being stabbed to death.

Nyota, on the other hand, felt her last bit of energy drain as she faced this new betrayal.

“You too?” she whispered. “You knew?”

“I just found out about the tincture,” the Trill raised her hands, “and we’ve already had our argument, believe me.” Pause. “Looks like you and Spock are still in the middle of yours. Wonder how N’Tal and Jim are faring?

…meanwhile, over in N’Tal’s room….

Jim Kirk was grateful for two things. One, that N’Tal had no roommate, and two, that the he’d started skimming Hikaru’s padds from Intro to Romulan. As he moved above her, causing her to roar in her native tongue, it was quite comforting to know she was enjoying herself. The creaking bed was also a nice touch; it made him feel more manly.

However, the whole being-clawed-and-bitten part made him wonder if he’d feel so great in the morning. For the love of God, he was bleeding, like, actually bleeding.

…and back in Nyota and Vira’s room….

“Doesn’t it bug you that Hikaru didn’t ask your permission before spiking your drinks?” Nyota asked, as she dried off and pulled on some pajamas. She sat down on her bed

“Well yeah, Ny,” Vira chuckled. “That was kind of the point of our argument.”

“And you two made up…just like that?”

The Trill sighed wearily. “I know where this is going. Look, it was different for us, okay? You found out twice in one day that your boy was lying to you—and not about little stuff.” She shrugged helplessly. “It’s going to take a bit longer for you two. I mean, you’ve got N’Tal hanging over your heads, and then your boyfriend tells you he’s been drugging your drinks just when you two are about to…you know. Hikaru was nice enough to tell me the news before we started.”

“Crap!” Nyota exclaimed, suddenly jumping to her feet. “I just totally interrupted you two while you were having sex! Dear God—you were having sex!”


“With Hikaru! You were just having sex with Hikaru!”


“Oh, God,” Nyota spun, grabbing her shoes and a hoodie. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I’ll go get him back for you right now so you can finish.”

“Oh, please don’t,” Vira shuddered, waving her friend over. “It was not going good. I was soooo glad when you stormed in.”

“Still,” Nyota said uncertainly, coming to sit by her friend. “It could’ve gotten better.”

The Trill yawned. “Not today. How about you? Did it hurt like hell?”

“Was starting to,” Nyota murmured. “I panicked. I was so scared because my period’s due next week.”

Vira snorted. “It’ll be at least a month before you can get pregnant. Once the tincture is in your system, it takes a long while to get it out.” Her comm padd beeped and she checked it. Nyota’s whole body froze at the look on Vira’s face.

The Trill’s voice came out halting and low.

“Hikaru says, ‘Heads up.’ A couple from Holderby collapsed this morning. They were just now found.” She looked up at Nyota. “They OD’d on the tincture.”

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