Into the Valley ~ Girls on Top #Uhura

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Vira Zwan cursed her own integrity. If she didn’t feel the nagging need to fulfill her commitments, she wouldn’t be here in Botany Bay 6 spending her afternoon tending to this damn plant so the guy she liked who didn’t like her back could give it as a present to his roommate who apparently was a magnet to every goddamn girl in the universe.

I like Hikaru. He likes N’Tal. N’Tal likes Spock. Spock likes Nyota.

What kind of hell was this? In what universe did this make sense? What did things have to fall this way?

I like Hikaru; he’s perfect for me. He likes N’Tal; she’s beyond wrong for him him. She likes Spock, who is waaaaay too good for her. He likes Nyota, who’s perfect for him, but his father may not approve.


Why couldn’t people be more like numbers? Every equation had a solution; in the end, the numbers and symbols always worked things out. Why couldn’t Hikaru minus N’Tal simply equal Hikaru and Vira happily in love?  Why couldn’t people be less complicated?

Was it like this for adults? Or did things magically wear off once people got older? How did adults meet, fall in love, and stay together? Why was it so easy for them and so complicated for kids? Were adults less attracted to all things shiny and new? Did men prefer reasonable women over bitches?
Just how exactly did they make things happen?

She’d been pruning and thinking steadily for quite some time; she hadn’t noticed Hikaru’s presence.  As she turned to get some water for the rak’charan, she jumped when she saw him standing there.


“Sorry to startle you,” he apologized. “I’d come closer, but you’re holding pruning shears and after yesterday—”

“Oh!” Vira rolled her eyes and tossed the shears into a nearby tray. “I’m sorry about yesterday, okay? Apparently the leaf and I don’t agree with each other, so we’re going to be going on a bit of a hiatus.”

He slowly walked forward, looking pensive and putting his hands behind his back. He was wearing his school uniform, despite today being a Sunday. Vira smiled a little, deeply charmed.

His roommate’s rubbing off on him.

“But you meant what you said, right? About N’Tal?”

Vira felt her face heat as her mind raced. “Um…yeah…see, I don’t exactly… remember a whole lot…about—”

“Spoiled rich girl? Fanged vagina? Shuttle door hitting her in the ass?”

“Check, check, and check,” Vira nodded quickly, averting her eyes even as she grinned like a moron.  I actually said all that?

“Did you mean it?”

“Yes,” Vira cleared her throat. “I’m afraid I did. Look, I know you like her. And from a strictly aesthetic perspective, I feel you on that one, okay? I do. But she’s a bitch, Hikaru, and I don’t know why you’d be into someone like that. Not that it’s my business,” she added quickly.

“But you care, nonetheless,” he raised an eyebrow. His voice was so calm and measured, and there was no devious sparkle in his eyes. “My liking N’Tal…mattered to you.”

Is this Spock masquerading as Hikaru? Do Vulcans have some sort of shape-shifting ability they neglected to mention to the rest of us?

For a split second, she actually felt paranoid.

Must be a side effect of getting high. Won’t be doing that anymore.

“Well, you know,” she mumbled, turning back to nervously drown the sapling. “Being a good friend, having your back, and all that great stuff.”

“And is that the only reason?”

“Hikaru,” Vira tensed, her fingers shaking on the watering can, “if you like her, it’s not my place to—”

“You’re evading my question,” he said gently, coming to stand beside her. He took the watering can from her and set it aside. He then picked up the shears and resumed her work, but with a far quicker and more practiced hand. The sight of him doing something better than she could made her knees shake.

Dear me…I think I’m actually going to fall. I’m going to fall in front of Hikaru, bang my head on the corner of one of these tables, give myself a concussion, and leave him standing there wondering why the hell he even bothered.

It took a lot of work not to stutter. “Maybe I, um, misunderstood—”

“You?” he mused softly. “Misunderstand? You’re Vira, remember? You know. You always know. Just like you know right now exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Trill body temperatures can actually rise, you know,” she blurted suddenly. She wanted to slap herself for sounding so panicked and shrill. To her horror, Vira started babbling uncontrollably, wanting to stab herself with every syllable. “We’re not the cold fish of the galaxy, like some people believe. I know the last time we made out my body didn’t get any warmer, but it can. I just need the proper…stimulus.”

When Hikaru looked at her, the surprise in his eyes made her truly suicidal for the first time in her life. She couldn’t stop her painful wince right before she cried out, “I should go.”


She whirled to leave but he grabbed her arm, and pulled. His intent was to drag her back into both his arms, but alas, it was not to happen so. Not being a particularly graceful girl, Vira clumsily resisted.  Her twisting and struggling caused them both to lose their balance and end up tripping over each others legs. Disastrously, they both went down.

And Jill came tumbling after….

After a long, uncomfortable silence, Vira finally decided to speak.

“Ow,” she admitted honestly.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this, you know,” Hikaru snickered, and she could hear his old self creeping back into his voice. The subtle mischief, the gentle mocking in his voice flooded her with intimately familiar heat.

Dear God.

“We were supposed to have a moment,” he drawled. “See, I was going to kiss you, and you were going to try to fight me. But then my tenderness and passion were going to win you over and you weren’t going to be able to stop yourself from kissing me back and wrapping your arms around my neck.”

“Sounds like we were going to have a good time,” she mumbled.

“Oh, yeah,” he nodded, his head against her shoulder. “It was going to get really hot from there. I was going to finally get to see just how high I could raise your temperature.”

Oh. “And…now?” she asked feebly.

“Well, now, my leg’s bent at an uncomfortable angle, the back of my skull is throbbing, there’s ringing in my left ear, and if you weren’t already embarrassed enough for both of us right now, I’m pretty sure my ego would be damaged beyond re—”

She rolled over and cut him off with her own mouth. To her surprise he was kissing her back immediately, twining his fingers in purple locks, and rolling her over onto her back.


This was different from the first time. The first time had been discomfited and almost clinical. This time, scorching heat surged through them both like bolts of lightning and Vira felt sheer gladness that she was here beneath him, and not N’Tal.


“Money…so this whole time, it’s all been about…money?”

Do not laugh.

It was amazing how every time Nyota was with Spock trying not to laugh or cry or some such, it was Vira’s voice admonishing her in her head.

Whatever you do, do not laugh.

It was so hard not to though. After rescheduling their trip to Vulcan via holodeck for another week (no doubt due to yesterday’s fiasco), the couple met in Spock’s dorm room to talk. Lying in each other’s arms on Nyota’s bed, Spock was going on about his conversation with Hikaru from the evening before. To hear him speak, Nyota would have thought the universe was imploding.

“Despite her family’s revolutionary reputation, they still scheme like typical Romulans,” Spock said stiffly, obviously working very to keep any trace of emotion out of his voice. “And the troubling part is my father can’t even see it. He’s so blinded by his desire to improve relations between Vulcan and Romulus that he can’t even see he’s being manipulated. And N’Tal—” here she felt him shudder “—N’Tal is a willing instrument of her father’s. No doubt she also wishes to return to a life of luxury, but still…a girl should respect herself more in these matters. We are after all living in the 23rd Century, and not the ancient days.”

Do. Not. Laugh.

“So let me get this straight,” Nyota began cautiously, keeping her voice light and her body steady, “you’re…disturbed not by N’Tal’s attraction to you, but by the fact she was attracted to your father’s money and…not you?”

She felt his whole body stiffen next to her and thanked God she wasn’t looking directly at him, otherwise laughter would have been inevitable.

Once more, she heard Vira’s voice in her head. Woman, if you laugh….

It was so hard not to, though! The silence which stretched between them taunted her, teased her, dared her to laugh at his shameless indulgence of vanity. She’d always wondered whether or not Spock realized just how attractive he was, and if he simply dismissed female attention as non-Vulcan frivolity. Now she knew.

“It is illogical to express attraction to a person when it is not sincere,” he said finally, and by his tone he was clearly miffed. “I felt somewhat apologetic toward N’Tal when I first realized I would have to let her down. Now, I feel…betrayed.”

“But why does this matter so much?” Do not laugh. “If you don’t like her, why does it matter if she sincerely liked you or not?”

She could almost hear the wheels whirling in his brain as he searched for a logical answer. Nyota was delighted to lie there, waiting for him to realize there was not and never could be a logical answer to that one. It was an age old riddle amongst humans, and were he here now, not even Surak himself would be able to sort it out.

“I will have to meditate on this,” Spock replied finally, refusing to admit defeat.

Nyota burst out laughing.

It surprised them both. Spock even started for a split second, every muscle in his body jumping when she first exploded. The laughs poured out of her before she could stop them as her mind reviewed the absurdity of the entire situation.

His prim attitude didn’t help to curb it either. “I fail to see the humor in this matter,” he sniffed.

Nyota tried to speak and failed, instead she laughed and laughed until tears rolled down the sides of her head and her lungs threatened to cave in from the lack of air.

“Seriously, Nyota.”

That sent her over the edge one last time before she could finally stop and catch her breath.

Whew…that right there came from a deep, healthy place!

“Spock,” she breathed finally, “you’re turning into a typical human teenager.”

He flinched. “I see no reason to insult me so.”

“What I mean is…is it logical to give attention to a person who’s not paying attention to you? Is it logical to even care that someone doesn’t care about you?”

“Once again, I will have to think on the matter.”

“Ah, but there’s nothing to really think about—not if you’re Vulcan, anyway.”

Again she felt him freeze beside her. For a split second she wondered if she’d gone too far.

“You may find deception and insincerity commonplace,” Spock said tightly, and thus she knew he was angry, “but to a Vulcan it’s unfamiliar and difficult to understand. Dishonesty is illogical and distasteful, and though we do not practice it ourselves, we are surrounded by species that do. Therefore, it is necessary to meditate on the nature of deception, in order to better understand the people who practice it.”

Nyota raised an eyebrow. “You wish to better understand N’Tal?”

“Not her specifically,” the Vulcan replied grimly. “Her father has attached himself to my family and my father is unaware of his true motives. I need to understand what I’m dealing with.”

You are so full of it.

She turned to look at him, smiling faintly. “My Spock is always so logical.”

A pleasant green tinged bloomed across his face as he nodded slightly, “I am honored.”

She leaned in to kiss him. Her intention was to make him forget all this talk about N’Tal and her family, but even as he kissed back she could tell he was distracted. It was as though his body was on autopilot, while his mind stood apart, analyzing and contemplating other matters.

Oh, no you don’t!

She loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal smooth, pale olive skin. He seemed surprised by her sudden boldness, but didn’t stop her. And yet…even as she kissed his throat, his chest, and gently nipped at his nipples with her teeth…even as his breathing quickened, she still got the sense that he was somewhere else.

“You know,” she murmured, trying to get him further in the mood, “I can’t stop thinking about yesterday morning.”

“I never did apologize for my behavior,” he panted softly.

That stopped her. Her head raised a bit so she could look at him quizzically and demand, “Apologize? For what? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But Nyota, I was so…angry and unfocused from my fight with N’Tal,” he confessed. “I did not mean to tear off your clothes and throw you on your bed and push up your skirt....” He trailed off as his words filled the air between them with sudden heat.

“Oh,” he blushed. “I see,” he murmured, reaching for her blouse. She smiled broadly as he unbuttoned it and began to return the favor.

There now. Muuuuuch better.


“You spent the evening doing what?” Despite his disbelief, Lenny McCoy didn’t bother sitting up.  “With whom?”

Jim Kirk rubbed his pounding head as he sat on the edge of his bed. His red sheets and comforters were a tousled mess behind him, even though he’d slept like one dead and probably hadn’t moved once the whole night. He was still wearing his clothes from yesterday, including his shoes.

He couldn’t even remember coming home last night.

“I’m telling you, Lenny: if you think smoking Klingon tobacco is deadly, try doing shots of Romulan ale.”

Lenny’s eyes grew wide. “Nuh-uh!”

“She told the customs agent it was perfume. You believe that? Must’ve been a Pakled on duty.”


“She’s got enough to knock out a whole dorm floor of students,” Jim nodded. “‘Course I was already feeling half-dead after that fourth shot.” He yawned and immediately regretted it. Facial movement of any kind seemed to cause excruciating pain. “They should rename it Evil Blue Shit, if you ask me.”

Now Lenny sat up. “I’m startin’ to like this gal,” he blinked. “So was there…I mean, did you two…?” He raised and dropped his eyebrows a few times, before flashing a toothy grin.

“Lenny, didn’t I just say I was half-dead after my fourth shot?” Jim scowled. “Do you seriously think Big Sam and the Twins could perform after that shit?”

Lenny laughed, scratching his hairy bare chest and lying back down. He pulled the covers over himself, relishing their snug warmth. It was a Sunday afternoon and way too early for him to actually get up and do anything just yet.

“So when are you seeing her again?”

“She wants to have dinner in the mess hall tonight at 1900 hours,” Jim yawned. He winced again. “N’Tal wants me to try something called Viinerine.” He tried to untie his shoes but gave up quickly and fell back on his bed. “If it’s anything like that ale, though, you just might have to send a medic in after me.”

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