Into the Valley ~ No Good Deed.... #Uhura

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Spock blinked, trying to think and slow his breathing. He stared at her for several seconds, as though she’d uttered her objection in an unfamiliar language.

“What?” he asked finally.

Nyota was a torrent of emotions. She was afraid he would ignore her objection. She was terrified he would respect it, but then never speak to her again. And she was turned on—intensely.

Tears welled in her eyes and threatened to run down the sides of her head.

“I said,” she choked out with difficulty, “we need to stop.”

Disbelief spread out clearly across his face. For several moments he simply looked at her, even as his body still pinned hers to his bed. Slowly, the disbelief turned to confusion.

“I do not understand,” he admitted finally. “Do I do something wrong?”

“No,” she assured him quickly. “You were doing everything right—too right, in fact.”

“So you enjoyed my ministrations?”

Nyota swallowed tensely. “Yes.”

“And yet you asked me to stop,” he blinked, clearly not understanding. Whoever had been educating him about sex and girls had clearly forgotten to mention this part.

Goddamn you, Hikaru!

“Spock,” she began very, very carefully, mainly because he still hadn’t let her up, “I gather that you wish to take things…all the way?”

“Affirmative,” he nodded slightly. “I wish to divest us both of clothing and engage in activities which will bring us both to the peak of the sexual response cycle. It is my understanding that alone, I can experience great pleasure. But with a partner, we can achieve feelings of euphoria.”

Nyota blinked for a moment, running his words through her mental nerd-to-English dictionary. When she was able to divine “I want us both to have an orgasm” from all that jabber, she nodded, ready to proceed.

“Okay, Spock,” she said, maintaining a calm, careful tone, “that sort of activity is reserved for adults, not teens. Any psychologist worth their salt would tell you this. Yes, our bodies are developed enough to perform those activities, but no, it doesn’t mean we should actually do them.”

Now he let her up, and moved so that he knelt beside her. While he paused to analyze her words, she hastily buttoned her blouse and moved to put a little distance between them.

“I do not understand,” he finally confessed. “We were enjoying ourselves. I fail to see the logic in stopping.”

“Sex isn’t logical,” Nyota replied at once. It was important he understand this now. “In fact, there’s an old saying that sex makes you stupid. It feels so good that you stop thinking and don’t factor in all the variables…like pregnancy.”

That sank in at once. Spock snatched up his own shirt at Vulcan speed and immediately buttoned it all the way to the top.

For a split second, Nyota thought she was going to laugh.

Humans, Vulcans, hybrids…boys really are all the same.

The P-bomb she dropped left a discomfited silence in its wake. After they’d awkwardly sat side by side for a time on his bed, Spock broke it first.

“Is becoming pregnant your only fear, Nyota?”

She mentally rolled her eyes. Boys….

“No, Spock. You have to understand that you and I don’t know each other that well. Sleeping with someone you don’t know very well is not considered respectable behavior.”

“So…more time would have to pass before we could consummate?”

Boys! “Well, yes,” Nyota began uneasily, repressing her laughter, “preferably when we are much older.”

“But Nyota, I may not be on Earth at that time,” he pointed out, his brow furrowing. “I only have one more semester after this before I return to Vulcan.”

Nyota’s entire body froze. “You mean…you’re not staying? You’re not finishing out here at Stellar Valley?”

“No,” the Vulcan blinked simply. “I have struck a compromise with my father. I will complete my junior year before I return to the Shi’Kahr Science Academy. After I finish there, I will join the Vulcan Science Ministry.”

“And…what’s to become of me when you’re on another world?”

Now it was his turn to freeze. He obviously hadn’t thought of that.

“I did not—I never—”

“You never stopped to think about that,” she snapped, rising to her feet and going over to Hikaru’s bed. She angrily snatched up the padds as she spat, “Of course, you didn’t think. Let me guess—I’m an experiment, aren’t I? Concocted by you and your misguided Sherpa of a roommate. I’m just here to satisfy your Vulcan curiosity—”


The single word came out with more force than she would have ever imagined him capable. In a second he was on his feet standing in front of her, eyes beseeching hers.

“I…like you, Nyota,” he started tentatively, as though searching for the right words. “I think of you often when you’re not present. This was a surprise to me, as Vulcans do not date. We have mates pledged to us at the age of seven. However…I don’t have to bond with T’Pring when I am older. And I don’t have to live the rest of my life on Vulcan.” He paused, turning to pace for a moment before saying, “You say we are too young to engage in sexual activity. That is not our only limitation at this age. If my father ceases to pay my tuition and summons me home, how am I to stop him?”

“You can get scholarships,” Nyota shrugged, her voice trembling with anger and despair. “God knows you’re bright enough. And after senior year, you can enter Starfleet. I mean, why study science on Vulcan, when the entire galaxy can be your laboratory? New life, Spock, new civilizations, new ways of thinking. You already have the thirst and the curiosity—why not follow through?”

Spock stared at her for several long moments, processing her words. It was as though she’d presented him with options no one else had, not even Hikaru. Her passion was also an excellent added touch.

“I will stay, Nyota,” Spock said suddenly, and there was a strange texture to his voice, a level of seriousness and vulnerability. “I will try to do everything I can to stay. But you have to promise you will not lose patience with me so quickly the next time I blunder. This is all very new and very confusing to me. Even now, after our discussion, I still fail to see the logic of complete abstinence, as I foresee extensive…discomfort in the future.” Pause. “Does this mean when you’re alone in the shower or alone in your dorm, you’re not naked and touching yourself while thinking of me?”

“What?” she demanded, stepping back. Nyota had just been on the verge of throwing her arms around him and saying, yes, yes, yes to anything. But then he had to go and ask that.

“It was an image Hikaru created when he was teaching me to masturbate,” Spock replied. “He assured me that as I was feeling discomfort, and was in need of soothing, so were you.”

She could only gape at him for a moment. Note to self: Hikaru is an idiot.

“Spock,” she said lowly, with a slight quaver in her voice, “obviously, I am attracted to you. And yes, I too think of you when you’re not around—a lot.” The corners of his mouth twitch, indicating his delight. “But Spock, it is way too early for us to have that particular conversation.”

He nodded. He probably didn’t understand, but he nodded anyway.

“And Spock? The next time you have questions about you and me, ask me, not your roommate.”

“Agreed,” he stated immediately, but Nyota had to wonder if she meant it.


“Whew, I’m telling you bro,” Jim Kirk shook his head. He lit up a fresh cigarette and leaned back onto his bed. “The ugliest words in the human language are when a girl says, ‘We have to stop.”

Spock nodded with just the faintest expression of bitterness. “It was like having my abdomen gutted with the blade of a lirpa.”

Jim snorted. “Amen, pal. Last week Marina Frakes and I were making out, and just when she was about to go down for the first time, she panicked and said she had to study. Left me standing in Comm Lab 6 with my pants down.”

The Vulcan shuddered at the thought of Jim’s naked dangling organs and repressed the image at once. He had more disturbing things to think about anyway, such as a long string of sexless dates with Nyota.

Hikaru suddenly entered Jim’s dorm, followed by Lenny, who quickly blocked his escape.

Betrayed, his eyes shot daggers at his friends. “You lied to me!”

“Hikaru,” Jim said amiably, “calm down. There’s nothing to freak out about.”

“I tend to concur, my friend,” Spock said, rising to his feet. “It is agreeable to see you again. I assure you, I intend you no harm.”

“No harm?” Hikaru bellowed. “No harm? Because of you, I had to perform a walk of shame out of my own dorm room! I spent the night on a sofa in the house lounge. Some jerk actually asked me if there was, ‘Trouble in paradise.’ This afternoon I made out with an icicle for an hour just to reverse the feeling of being violated by you!”

Jim and Lenny were confused. “Icicle?” Lenny inquired.

“He means Vira Zwan,” Spock explained quickly. “Hikaru, I am sorry. I am deeply, deeply sorry. I did not intend to humiliate you. Please forgive me—I cannot endure another day without your companionship. Some things have happened and…,” the Vulcan struggled before finishing, “…I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, man,” Jim added. “He, like, just had his first really hot make-out session with Nyota.”

Hikaru blinked; all animosity seemed to drain from his face at once.

“Really, dude?”

Spock nodded with the eagerness of a perplexed child.

Hikaru came into the room further and took a seat by Jim on his bed, while Lenny and Spock sat on the other bed.

“Well,” Hikaru primly brushed his slacks. “Details!”

As the boys lit up Lenny’s foggy bong, Spock regaled them with the evening’s tale. He tried to be as descriptive as possible without being crude. When he finished, he looked at his roommate expectantly.

“Ouch,” Hikaru flinched. “I gotta tell ya; the ugliest words in the human language—”

“I know, Hikaru,” Spock interrupted. “What do I do?”

His roommate shrugged. “Give her what she wants. Give her some time. A week is pretty soon, Spock, and the replicators won’t produce contraceptives. She has a right to feel apprehensive. She’d be really dumb not too.”

It was the second time he’d heard someone say something to that affect, but for some reason, here, amongst these three, it got the wheels in his head turning.

“Hikaru,” he said suddenly, “the mess hall is freezing.”

“Uh, yeah,” Lenny rolled his eyes. “We reprogrammed the ventilation sensors, remember?”

“Yes, but you did not recalibrate the secondary processor in the main environmental controls,” Spock raised an eyebrow.

“Duh,” Jim scowled. “Aside for that alcoholic TA Scotty, you’re the only one who can, and last I checked, you refused.”

The Vulcan resisted a smirk. “Until now.”

Hikaru cocked his head to the side. “What do you want, Spock?”

“I need you to cultivate for me a rak’charan in one of the airponics bays. Botany is not one of my strongest suits, and a rak’charan requires expert attention.”

Lenny and Jim looked at each other. “A what?” they asked together.

Hikaru was not so clueless. “A rak’charan,” he repeated grimly. “In the Crisaylian, the literal meaning is ‘unborn killer,’ but in Ancient Vulcan it was called the ‘talon tree.’ Highly toxic, if memory serves.”

“Only when administered incorrectly,” Spock shook his head. His eyes sparkled with triumph and his lips were threatening to smirk again. “But when consumed by males and females in mild doses, it prevents conception.”

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