Into the Valley ~ Stories, an Outtake #Uhura

Previously ~ All in the Family

A/N: During the original publication back ino 2009, Livejournal supremelurker asked me to write an outtake sharing one of Amanda's "stories" about Spock.

Spock led his mother and girlfriend into his dorm where, fortunately, his roommate was absent. Not that he didn’t think Hikaru was good enough to meet his mother; he just didn’t think it best if he met her now.

Amanda grinned broadly at her son’s room; to the right she saw the evidence of an obviously human roommate. His walls were plastered with posters of long dead musicians—Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Daft Punk, Atari Teenage Riot, Glassjaw—his blue comforter was a tousled mess, and his shoes were haphazardly strewn across the blue rug by his bed. There was a blue lava lamp on his nightstand (Heavens, these kids really take their house colors seriously!) which cast an eerie, distorted glow upon the room.

To the right was all the evidence of her dutifully Vulcan son. She snickered to see his immaculately smooth blankets (even though she knew he hadn’t been expecting her), his barren white walls, and the neat little altar at the foot of his bed. She laughed aloud at once.

“Oh, Nyota,” she giggled, “that altar’s just like the one Spock had when he was little. Reminds me of when he was about six years old—”

“Mother,” her son whispered, dark eyes imploring from a blanching face which clearly struggled to remain neutral, “I fail to see the necessity for telling this particular story.”

“Oh, it’s harmless, dear,” she dismissively waved, taking Nyota’s hand and leading her to sit down on Spock’s bed. “See, Sarek made him say prayers every night before bed, and as you know, Vulcan writing is so very beautiful—even the prayers for children are exquisitely written. When Spock was six, his favorite prayer went something like, ‘O Surak, Surak, wisest and most impassive of all the Forebears; kindly watch over this devout and humblest student…’or some such—you get the gist.”

As Nyota nodded, she heard Spock mumble, “Mother, I would prefer if you did not—”

“Hush, darling,” Amanda rolled her eyes, “It’s not that big a deal. So anyway,” she went on cheerfully, her hands delightfully animated, “Spock had this adorable speech impediment at the time which would later take a full year of therapy to correct. So every night, when I walked by his little bedroom, I’d hear this tiny voice reciting, ‘O Thuwak, Thuwak, withetht and motht impathiwe of awll the Forebearth; kindly watch ower thith dewout and humbletht thudent—’”

Nyota doubled over laughing before she could stop herself. When she caught a glimpse of her boyfriend out her tear-filled eyes, she saw him blush an almost toxic shade of green. That didn’t help at all. Nor did Amanda’s laughter. The two females laughed and laughed while Spock tightly shuddered nearby. He was all the more thankful his roommate hadn’t been around to hear that. Nyota would at least keep silent, but Hikaru….

“Oh, Nyota,” Amanda sighed, wiping her tears when she finally caught her breath, “so when do I get to meet your mother?”

Spock’s eyebrow raised as his blush withdrew; he tilted his head to the side, obviously intrigued by the thought. Nyota’s head suddenly filled with flashes of her chatty mother arriving in her prehistoric shuttle, and all laughter fled her chest.

“Never,” she answered immediately.

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