Into the Valley ~ The Vagina Monologues #Uhura

Previously ~ Hru'Fir

“You should talk to him, Ny,” Vira tried to soothe her roommate. “I mean, it’s Spock. You know he means it when he says he’s sorry.”

“Maybe I’m getting tired of hearing, ‘I’m sorry,’” Nyota sighed miserably. She was up and dressed in her uniform, wearing her desert flower perfume, but not entirely sure why she even bothered. Already she had skipped breakfast, in hopes that her outburst in Laidley House the day before would be forgotten. She was crossing her fingers, praying N’Tal had done something new to warrant attention.

“I get it,” her roommate assured her. “He’s a Vulcan, a member of an intellectually enlightened species. He grasps things fully even as he learns them—except this.”

“Why this, though?” Nyota cried. “You’d think that with a history like his, filled with treacherous lords and ladies, epic battles, tale after tale of savage passion—”

“But that’s Ancient Vulcan, Ny,” Vira reminded her. “Spock is a modern Vulcan. He’s been taught all his life to repress these feelings—that’s seventeen years. Did you really think he’d overcome them in a matter of a week?” She rose from her bed, smoothing her dress and patting her hair. “I have to go now, but promise me you won’t cancel your date with him tonight?”

“Fine,” Nyota sighed. “Where are you off to?”

Vira gave a sad smile. “I agreed to help Hikaru with a botanical project, remember? The plant sample he wanted arrived this morning.” Pause. “He’s already agreed to meet me in Botany Bay 6.”

“Carry some pepper spray,” Nyota warned, “in case he’s got the Romulan in tow.”

Vira laughed all the way out of their dorm and into the hallway.

A few seconds after the Trill left, the door beeped. Nyota frowned, wondering why Vira couldn’t just let herself back in. She called out, “Enter!” and the door slid open.

Spock entered, barefoot and dressed in play gray clothes for exercise. The material was ripped in some places, and he was bleeding.

“Spock!” She leapt to her feet and ran to him, but before she could say anything else, he sank his fingers into the collar of her blouse. Buttons popped and flew in every direction as he ripped the white fabric open and tore it off her body, tossing it aside without taking his eyes off her.

Shock immobilized Nyota as she managed to utter his name once more. He dug his finger into the front of her bra and pulled, causing the clasp in the back to snap and the straps to break. This too he tossed aside.

Nyota instinctively covered her chest with both arms, and she saw a flicker of irritable impatience in his eyes, as though she’d offended him somehow. But instead of lashing out, he merely leaned in to smell her, deeply inhaling her skin before muttering calmly, “You smell like my hometown.”

Finally! It took you how long to notice?

“Vira gave it to me,” she mumbled stupidly, taking a step back.

“Do not step back from me,” he bit out, and her whole body tensed. What was happening here? Was this that Pon Farr thing Vira was talking about? Because Nyota was in no mood to have any bones broken today, much less her—

“Um…Spock,” she started nervously. “Maybe you should sit down….” She took another step back, despite his warning.


In a split second, she was on her back, on her bed, with his hand up her uniform skirt, tearing her underwear away.

Oh, my!

“I’ve failed you,” he murmured, as he began heatedly kissing the insides of her thighs, biting the skin mercilessly and firmly holding her legs in his arms. “I will not fail you this time.” The heat he stirred was unbearable; she found herself gasping for air like one drowning. His mouth moved closer and closer to where the sun didn’t shine, and panicking, she grabbed his shoulders and tried to push him away.

Um…so yeah…like, mistake?

He growled loudly against her skin, and she took that as her cue to take her hands away or suffer dire consequences. Trembling, she let him continue, until he was doing what no one had ever done for her before.

Nyota was suddenly incapable of any thought but one: Spock might have the impatient awkwardness of any other teenaged boy, but from day one he’d always been an excellent kisser.

It seemed he’d suddenly remembered that skill now, and was putting it to more than good use. Her hips moved of their own accord, and his whole body moved with her, hands firmly clamped on her thighs in case she tried to escape. His tongue was a ruthless tease, laving and circling over and over again without end.

Noises were tearing from Nyota; raw, primitive noises she had to tone down by pressing her own pillow to her face. She didn’t dare look at him; she would be able to stand the sight of his black-haired head moving so roughly beneath her plaid skirt, growling as he tormented her.

Even she had a limit; even she had a threshold. In minutes she was screaming into her pillow, as though she were being murdered.

…that didn’t stop him.

He was a student possessed with focus and discipline; driven to excel at whatever task was set before him. He held her tightly against his face, refusing to relent. Before she could slide down from her peak, he was bringing her back to the top over and over again until she was hoarse from screaming.

When she lay sapped of strength, he finally came to lie beside her.

She could feel him against her, obviously turned on. Heat rolled of his entire body in blistering waves. Instinctively, she reached for him, but he stopped her, turning her instead towards her roommate’s bed and spooning her.

“A mere instinctual response,” he mumbled into her ear. “Just ignore it.”

She nodded weakly, blissfully, quickly falling off to sleep. Nyota didn’t know how long she slept, but when she woke, his “mere instinctual response” was straining against her lower back, pulsing and throbbing so powerfully she couldn’t ignore it any longer.

And it didn’t help to hear the tiny noises he kept trying to bite back, even as she lowered her hands to his searing skin. He didn’t protest this time; he merely lay back and let her kiss her way down his chest to the source of his discomfort, using her cool mouth to soothe him exactly the way he’d grown to like.

To both of their surprises, it was a long, long while before he peaked this time.


For a teenager, two days was like a week.

When she saw him, Vira felt as though she hadn’t seen Hikaru in a long time. He was glowing, with a bounce in his step, looking adorable in black ripped jeans and a black T-shirt. He’d refreshed the blue highlights in his hair, and they contrasted gloriously with his golden skin.


Just don’t look at him! Don’t look at him!

“Hey you,” he winked, and Vira felt her knees quiver. Looking away from him a second too late, she mumbled a greeting in return.

“So,” he drawled, “the rak’charan sapling arrived.”

She wordlessly showed it to him. As he looked over the dark brown, gnarled plant, she glanced around Botany Bay 6, hoping to see another face, but they were alone. In the dark, warm airponics chamber, she and Hikaru were completely alone.

“Where’s N’Tal?” she demanded suddenly.

“Talking her father,” he replied absently. “She seemed to be really upset about something this morning, but she assured me her father could fix it. How do we start?”

“Well, it’s already potted, and this room is shielded from natural light, so I suggest we heavily wet the soil and then we’ll have to meet here at least once a day to water and prune.”

“Have you told anyone about this?”

Vira looked confused, and shook her head.

“Good, good,” he grinned. “It’s a surprise for Spock. These grow out in the deserts of Vulcan.”

Vira smiled weakly. “I see.”

“I can’t thank you enough, Vira,” he smiled, winking again and almost causing her knees to buckle. “Couldn’t have pulled this off without you.”

She shrugged. “I know people who know people. Cilliodioxin is a powerful toxin; it kills humanoids in minutes. When my friends sent it I had them catalogue it under another name, so as not alarm the staff. ”

“You’re a little wily, like me,” Hikaru snickered, dark eyes twinkling. “I would’ve never guessed you had a mischief streak.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me,” she told him quickly, hoping he catch the hint.

Hikaru cocked his head to the side, as if in challenge. “Ever try Andorian dream leaf?”


“Does anyone else think N’Tal has a fanged vagina?” Jim Kirk coughed. He passed the bong to Vira, whose second hit nearly sent her mind over the edge.

Nyota is going to smack me.

She was the only girl in the “herbal session.” Sitting on the floor of Jim and Lenny’s dorm room, it took a lot of effort just to remain upright. The leaf, with its sweet smell, clouded her mind quickly and made her thoughts swim and blend together.

“Now, now,” Hikaru chuckled, “I bet you’re just mad she turned you down. I think I speak for the rest of us when I say she’s exciting.”

“She’s a cunt.”

All heads turned towards Lenny McCoy, whose three-word statement caused their jaws to hit the floor. Peacefully, he took the bong from Vira, inhaled deeply, before quietly passing it to a speechless Hikaru.

“Um…WTF?” he blinked.

“I’m a realist,” Lenny yawned, “not a sugarcoater.”

“She’s a bitch,” Jim grumbled. “Rumor has it she showed up to her room this morning dripping blood. Whew…I'd hate to see the other guy.” When Hikaru didn’t take a hit, he took the bong from him, and continued, “She’s a fucking gorgon. One look from her, not only do your balls turn to stone, but they promptly fall off, hit the floor, and shatter.”

Vira couldn’t stop the bubbling flow of giggles. As she erupted and doubled over with laughter, she was soon joined by Jim and Lenny, while Hikaru remained unamused.

“I happen to think she’s fascinating,” he sniffed. “She comes from a very powerful family.”

“No,” Lenny snorted, “she came from a very powerful family. I read the news too, you know. As of 2100 hours last night, the Romulan government seized all their properties and froze all their accounts. They’re even demanding Mioral’s extradition from Vulcan. Someone wants her father’s head on a plate, like, yesterday.”

Hikaru was disturbed by the lack of sympathy.  “And that doesn’t strike you as, I don’t know, stressful? Traumatic even?”

“Look, Karu,” Jim shook his head, his body slightly wobbling, “I get the desire for a smart, feisty woman—believe me, I do. But don’t let your sympathy for her family disguise what she really is. She’s a pointy-eared vampire, okay? So just shove a dilithium stake through her heart, and put the rest of us out of our misery.”

Laughter roared through the dorm room, prompting Hikaru to rise and leave.

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