Into the Valley ~ What’s the Difference Between a Slut and a Tease? #Uhura

Previously ~ “Self-Soothing” for Dummies – Vulcan First Edition

The “Slut”

“I’m never speaking to him again.”

“It will be all right.”

“I can’t do this anymore. Our relationship is over. I never, ever want to see him again!”

“You’re overreacting. He misses you, you know; at some point you’ll have to answer his messages. People are already forgetting about that whole…mess. They’re now worried about the two of you. You’d be surprised to know how many people liked the thought of you two together. You were the paradigm of interspecial harmony.”

“No, you don’t understand! They heard him saying my name when he did it. The whole school is talking! I have never had so many people paying this much unwanted attention to me. They give me looks like…like…you remember that Orion chick? Gaila What’s-Her-Face? Those looks—I’m getting those looks!”

“You’re imagining things,” Vira Zwan cajoled, reaching out to gently stroke the quivering shoulders.

“No one thinks you’re a slut. No one even thinks you’re sleeping with Spock—it’s preposterous. You need rest, a proper night’s rest, in a real bed. Maybe if you started sleeping in your dorm room again—”

“Damn it, Vira!” Hikaru Sulu yelled, his face distraught and his hair wild from spending the night on a couch in Buskirk’s lounge. “I didn’t come here for advice, so could you not be a friggin’ know-it-all for thirty goddamn seconds?”

“Well, what did you expect?” The Trill exploded right back. “You come into Buskirk’s library looking like you survived a warp core breath, you come over and collapse on the couch next to me, of all people—did you really think I’d actually be able to keep my trap shut?”

“No,” he sighed wearily, leaning back into the couch and slightly towards her. “Guess not.”

“I’m Vira,” she fumed, “I know, remember? I always know.” She sighed exasperatedly “Hikaru, why don’t you go back to him? Just let him say he’s sorry and work on things from there.”

He turned away from her suddenly and moved to sit on the edge of the couch.

“You…don’t…understand, Vira! I already tried that! But the moment I start walking down our hallway, my throat constricts and I can’t breathe. And just when I think it can’t get any worse—hives, Vira! I actually break out into hives!”

The Trill nodded compassionately. “Psychosomatic symptoms are consistent with traumatic experience,” she assured him. “Perhaps talking to him will remedy that.”

“I aroused him, Vira!” Hikaru looked on the verge of another meltdown. “I actually talked him into getting hard and then—and then—” He shuddered, his whole body quivering in pure revulsion. “I can’t just talk to him after that!”

The Trill tried not to roll her eyes.  Humans.

“Clearly, homoeroticism is not your cup of tea,” Vira interjected, when it looked like he would burst into tears. She really didn’t want to see Hikaru Sulu burst into tears; it just didn’t fit her perception of the mocking rule-breaker. “Therefore, a heterosexual experience just might resolve your little crisis...childish and antiquated as it may be.”

Hikaru looked up at her slowly, eyes wide with childlike worry and wonder. “You really think so?”

The “Tease”

Nyota Uhura met Spock after her Intro to Romulan class. He was sitting alone in the mess hall, fiddling with something which vaguely resembled a harp. She didn’t approach him directly; she wasn’t sure if he was in the mood to deal with people.

For the past twelve hours or so, he’d been dealing with people…a lot.

Jim Kirk had warned her that people were talking Spock all the time now, and that she might want to brace herself. She really didn’t want to have to deal with this, but she knew she had no choice. She was practically his girlfriend now. His roommate and dear friend wasn’t speaking to him (the rumors were having a field day with that one) and he couldn’t very well fall back on Jim and Lenny, not when an overwhelming percentage of the male students were certain Spock got turned on by guys (and were actually quite delighted by the thought).

Explains why it’s taken so long for him to date a girl, went one whisper. She’s probably just his beard.

I knew it! went another whisper. He and that Sulu guy always got along waaaaaay too well….

Nyota shivered, and it wasn’t just the mess hall causing it.

She hesitated a moment longer, watching the Vulcan. He was clearly sad, or at least his people’s equivalent. His eyes remained lowered, as if afraid to meet those of his peers. It was strange to think of Spock, the stoic, analytic, untouchable Vulcan, as being afraid.

And…it didn’t help when some green-haired Holderby chick passed by him, winked and called out, “Hey, Spock!”

“Hello, Marina,” he greeted courteously, ever the gentleman. He even gave a slight bow of his head.

“Hi, Spock,” another greeted. She was a fiery red-head from Hodges. She and her girlfriends passed him, giggling and whispering.

“Hello, Gates,” came the soft reply.

“Hey, Spock!”

“Good morning, Denise.”

“Yo, Spock! Lookin’ good, baby!”

“Thank you, Nichelle.”

“Hey, cutie! Feeling down?”

“I am well, Kate. Thank you for your concern.”

“See in you astrophysics, Spock!”

“I will see you then, Jeri.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa... Nyota frowned, alarm piercing her whole body with sharp, jagged stabs. Was there a pattern developing here? Who were all these girls and why were they talking to Spock? Why were they being so very extra friendly? Where did they get off being so…unabashed about telling him he looked good?

Who the hell was Jeri and since when did she look forward to a science class with Spock?

What was next? Was Vira going to suddenly decide she wanted him again and invite him back to Science Lab 7 for a night of dissecting and cataloguing specimens? Nyota swept forward like a sudden desert storm; she quickly nabbed a seat by the Vulcan and made sure she sat close.

Unsurprisingly, the girls immediately stopped talking, though some kept giving him “looks”. One brazen bitch even bit her bottom lip and winked.

It did more than make Nyota twitch.

WTF? I’m the good-looking new girl. I befriend a nerdy Trill, start dating a nerdy Vulcan, and people roll their eyes. A whole floor, on the other hand, hears Spock masturbating for the first time, and now all the girls want him. Exactly where is the justice in this situation?

“Well,” Nyota greeted cheerfully, boldly stroking his right arm. “You’re popular today.”

“Ashamed, actually,” he said lowly. “I have heard quite disturbing stories about myself.”

“What’s that you told me about ignoring rumors?” she grinned.

He looked uneasy. “This time…it’s different.”

I’ll bet it is. “How so?” she asked gingerly. She was, as Vira would say, going to take a stab at the soft sciences and help Spock through. “What’s different?”

“Speculative rumors are worse than substantiated rumors,” he replied stiffly. “If word of my…emotional display gets back to my father, he will withdraw his tuition payment from the school accounts and order my immediate return to Vulcan.” He looked up at her finally, meeting her eyes with a clear impression of despair. “I would find that…most disagreeable.”

“And Hikaru? Have you gotten to speak with him at all?”

The Vulcan shook his head. “He won’t return my messages. I’ve assured him that I practiced a few times since he’s departure, and have now learned to…operate quietly, but…he still won’t speak to me.” He paused. “Our room feels so empty now. I had to replicate a Vulcan lyre as I anticipate further silence.”

Oh. So that’s what that thing is. It was a beautiful and elegant-looking instrument. When he plucked the strings the tune them, they made a haunting sound.

 “Look, Spock,” Nyota began in her most supportive tone. She was interrupted by a beeping padd. The message was from Vira, and it was urgent. “Oh,” Nyota winced. “Your roommate is still upset with you and will not be returning this evening.”

Spock lowered his head in defeat, causing her heart to go out to him. She reached out to lightly touch his arm. “Spock,” she said gently, “how about we spend the evening together? I’ll come to your room and we can talk about tomorrow’s assignment.”

At the words “I’ll come to your room” the Vulcan brightened immediately, and not just the Vulcan equivalent. His entire body language changed. It was strange because only seconds ago he was grieving for Hikaru as though he were dead.

Nyota smirked. Human, Vulcan, hybrids…boys are all the same.


Spock made sure his dorm was spotless before Nyota arrived. He made both his and his absent roommate’s bed, cleared the floors of shoes and books, and was grateful that Andorian dream leaf hadn’t been smoked for several hours. The room smelled far more respectably now.

He had several ideas for this impromptu “date” with Nyota; he had spent half the night thinking of all the ways they could “soothe” together. After last night, after recreating his “discomfort” over and over, he finally understood the torment he was putting Nyota through. He was now more than eager to soothe any discomfort she was feeling.

She showed up on time, 1900 exactly, smilingly warmly and carrying padds of Vulcan Literature. It made sense to Spock; she wouldn’t want to enter his dorm empty-handed, as it would not reflect kindly upon her. He took them from her at the door, set them down on Hikaru’s bed and then turned to greet her.

“I have looked forward to your visit with great anticipation, Nyota,” he said, before leaning into kiss her.

Nyota accepted the kiss, expecting it to be short and chaste like their first one. He smelled more like burnt wood than burnt leaves and she felt her insides quiver. He pressed his mouth against her once, twice, and then again and again. She realized suddenly that he was seeking entrance.

Nervous, she allowed it. When his searing mouth began to explore her own, her knees threatened to buckle, just as they almost did on the black shores of Illias Prime. Heat swept through her everywhere, making her nerves tingles and her skin hum. She was dimly aware of his hands on her waist, pulling her closer, pressing her to him.

Shakily, she reached up to touch his neck. His skin was burning, as she expected, and it felt wonderful. She sank her fingers into that rich, black Vulcan hair and marveled at its silky texture. As their kiss deepened and intensified, their breathing became rapid, until they were both gasping uncontrollably and…Nyota was the first to moan.

Before she could mentally slap herself, the completely unexpected happened. Spock picked her up in his arms and effortlessly carried her over to his bed. As he lay down beside her—still not breaking the kiss—Vira’s words echoed through her mind.

Vulcans are three times faster and stronger than humans, Ny.

Wow, Nyota dreamily mused. Spock must take after his father then.

He was touching her now, over her uniform of course, but he was surprisingly confident and, well, accurate.

Guess all those lessons in anatomy weren’t a total waste….

He pulled away from her for a split second to deftly remove his tie and shirt. For the first time, Nyota saw his bare chest, all faintly olive and still youthfully smooth*, and for the first time in her life, the sight of a bare chest made her panic.

Dear God—he better not expect me to reciprocate!

Her underarms weren’t shaved and she wasn’t wearing a pretty bra. A Vulcan might be too enlightened to care about these things, but she wasn’t. And she wasn’t sure she was ready for a boy she’d known for just over a week to see—much less touch—her bare breasts.

 There were rumors enough in this school.

“Spock,” she began to object, but he covered her mouth with his, sliding his body over hers and pressing her further into his mattress. She was suddenly covered with pure, living, breathing warmth, as though his body was as personification of the Forge. Her body responded to him at once; her hips jerked upwards before she could even think to stop them.

Alarm bells began to go off in Nyota’s head as he continued to kiss her mouth and then started on her neck. His kisses were increasingly ardent and he was starting to make noises unlike any she’d ever heard from a boy. They weren’t soft, awkward moans. His noises seemed to come from deep within his chest, as though from his heart itself. They sounded like growls, dangerous and low.

Their pelvic regions were pressed together, and what she felt from him let her know the growling was genuine. It made her feel flattered…and afraid.

It didn’t help to have Vira’s voice running through her mind either.

They don’t provide contraception to minors for a reason, Ny…you could get pregnant.  It would destroy your future.

“Spock,” she tried to protest once more, and it came out thickly from her throat.

“I hear you,” he rasped harshly between kisses, each one hotter than the last. “You feel it too, do you not?”

“Spock,” she meekly tried once more. It was difficult to say anything beyond his name now that his mouth was assaulting hers, over and over again. She suddenly realized that at some point, he’d pinned both her wrists above her head, and was now grinding his hips into her.

Vulcans are three times faster and stronger than humans, Ny.

This time, the words filled her cold dread.

He was now pinning her wrists together with his left hand alone; with his right, he began undoing the buttons of her blouse. Before she could object, his hand impatiently slipped in, and his burning fingers eager stroked her flesh. When he’d pried her blouse open wide enough, he slowly lowered his head.

“Spock,” Nyota said finally, and this time, her voice bordered a sob. “We have to stop.”

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