Dear gods - didn't mean to be gone so long

Good, lord!  It's been months.

I've got a new roommate who brought with her a 55-inch TV.  I've been introducing her to lots of shows on Netflix which have got me feeling The Itch lately, soooooooo...

What do you me to write?

I've been thinking of an A/U version of Gwen from Merlin, in which she's the Moorish daughter of a nobleman, rather than Morgana's servant girl.  Besides, I love Angel Coulby and would enjoy any excuse to post pics of her in Queen Mode.

I've been thinking of writing a Star Trek: DS9 fic about a Bajoran Dabo girl who moves to the station to work for Quark and gets mixed up in some gritty underworld crime.  I think Azealia Banks would make a great muse.

I've been thinking about Zoe Washburne (Firefly) fic about how she dealt with the death of her husband.  Gina Torres is, after all, Perfection Herself.

And last but certainly not least...does anyone else seriously miss Xiaowei?  I'd love to revisit her world.

Questions?  Comments?  Dirty looks?'s about to get a makeover.