Benedictus ~ Dramatis Personae

Benedictus is a fanfiction based off The Vampire Diaries.  It focuses on a small family of Bennett witches who go by the French version of their name, Benoit.  Their predecessor is Lady Athenais Benoit, a witch who lived in Medieval France.

Nikki Amuka-Bird as Dr. Julienne Benoit.  Julienne moves to Virginia to start a new life after divorce.  She settles down at Whitmore College, where she maintains the occult archives, but refuses to teach.

Rutina Wesley as Clotilde Benoit.  Clotilde is Julienne's younger sister, a hardened witch who rides her motorcycle cross-country, hunting vampires.

Marsai Martai as Victoire Ainsley-Benoit.  Victoire is Julienne's pre-teen daughter.  She has a keen intellect and an advanced talent for witchcraft.

Aja Naomi King as Oriane Benoit.  Julienne's seductive cousin who believes the Benoit family should use its magic for personal gain.

Idris Elba is Micah Ainsley. Micah is Julienne's ex-husband and the father of Victoire.  Due to mysterious gaps in his memory, he thinks Julienne divorced him because he had an affair.

Emily Rios as Graciela Cordova. A fellow witch and junior archivist at Whitmore.  She used to work with Sheila Bennett.

Brandon Soo Hoo as Acheron.  A deadly vampire assassin, Acheron is only sent after particularly troublesome witches.

Jhene Aiko as Keres.  Keres leads an all-female vampire cult known as the Snowbloods.  She's an old enemy of Clotilde's.

Kiersey Clemons as the vampire Lobelia.  A Snowblood, Lobelia is drawn to Whitmore once she hears Acheron is headed there.

...and Ashley Blaine Featherson as Athenais Mirabelle Benoit. Born Athena Bennett (c. 1176) in England, she left her family for the lure of the French court, restyling herself as Lady Athenais Benoit.

Special Appearance by Simone Missick as Maven the Blessed.  A Bennett ancestor who lived during the 9th Century. Maven grew up in a convent where she displayed a profound gift for healing.

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