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Daniel is a fan-fixtion of Irish Fist Iron Fist. It follows the trials and tribulations of a young billionaire returned from the dead (so to speak), as he works to fit into a world he no longer recognizes.

To say this is an "AU" fic is an understatement of titanic proportions.

...I'm just going to leave it at that.

Harry Shum, Jr. as Daniel Jianjun Rand, the Iron Fist.  Daniel returns home after everyone thought he died along with his father, Wendell, and his father's friend, Harold Meachum.  As he tries to return to his old life, he refuses to speak of where he was for the last 15 years.

Simone Missick as Detective Mercedes "Misty" Knight.  A New York detective currently tracking a serial killer.  To her surprise and the surprise of her new partner, the trail of her investigation eventually leads her directly to the door of the Rands.

Jessica Henwick as Detective Colleen Hama-Wing.  Daniel's maternal cousin and Misty Knight's rookie partner.

Rosalind Chao as Heather Wing-Rand.  Daniel's mom, Colleen's aunt, and Wendell's widow.  She spent the past decade and a half struggling to hold onto the family company.

Ming-Na Wen as Dr. Angela Wing.  Colleen's mom, Daniel's aunt, and Heather's sister.  Angela has tried to be a rock for her sister, but she's a classics professor who doesn't understand the corporate world.

Fairuza Balk as Maude Hochstein-Meachum.  She's Harold's sardonic widow who has a bit of a drinking problem.

Tristin Mays as Blaise.  A young companion of Maude's who first appeared when she began her downward spiral.

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