Nekyia ~ Acts of Defiance (#Bonkai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ Dinners, Duvets, and Dead Girlfriends

Kai Parker felt like stress eating.

He'd laid out his whisk, metal bowl, and the rest of the ingredients from his marinade, and while he knew he had all that he needed, he was still panicking.  He was going to meet Abigail Bennett-Wilson for the first time tomorrow and he was fairly certain that even though she was a vampire, she was going to hate him.

Kai hadn't dated much before his imprisonment in 1994, and during the little dating he had done, he'd never won over a mother.  So now he stood in their kitchen, hands in his hair, heart racing as he impulsively thought of everything Abby might hold against him.

He didn't have his own car yet because he'd just gotten back from Hades and money was tight.  The tightness of money meant they could only afford one couch and recliner.  The flat screen TV they owned was secondhand (much like a lot of things in this house), and it had a slight crack in the lower right corner.  The dishes were a cheap glass set from Target.  Bonnie was picking up the towels from a dollar store, which were most likely to fray and fade after one cycle in the wash.

And on top of all this, he was a killer.  Four siblings and a coven sent to the grave.  Kai was fairly certain Abby was going to hate him.

Nekyia ~ Dinners, Duvets, and Dead Girlfriends (#Bonkai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ The Things We Want 

Three Weeks Later

It was strange how quickly and easy it was to settle into their new routine.  At first, it was all about driving to school together every morning, bickering over who would cook dinner or do the dishes, reminding each other to do their homework, applying for part-time jobs, arguing over whether to order a king-sized or queen-sized bed for the guestroom, whether or not the third room should be a gym or study, bickering about what color the living room furniture should be.

Things settled more quickly than Bonnie expected; Kai proved to be a more than capable chef with a particular talent for Greek cuisine.  Bonnie eventually stopped complaining having to load and unload the dishwasher.  They settled on a queen-sized bed for the guestroom (the mattress set was used, but they swore not to tell their guests about that), and they figured with all the mirrors and magic Bonnie was getting into, the third room might as well be a "study".

Kai decided to major in finance while Bonnie decided to follow her Grams' footsteps in Occult Studies.  Kai landed an internship with a tax office while Bonnie got a part-time job in a local herb and candle shop.  Their days were filled to the brim with classes, work, chores and errands, and by night, they simply collapsed into their king-sized bed, confident they'd done a hard day's work.

And while they'd slept beside each other since day one, they weren't sleeping with each other.  In fact, since that single close-mouthed kiss, Kai had done nothing else untoward, had made no other move.  But to the casual observer, they were practically a married couple, answering each other's phone calls promptly and without fail, and using endearments like "sweetie" and "honey".


Nekyia ~ The Things We Want (#Bonkai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ The Price They Paid

Kai darted about the dorm, eyes wide and bright with awe.  He finally paused and closed them, taking a deep breath and savoring the air.

"You have no idea how good it is to be back," he sighed.  "The thought of spending eternity down below was enough to drive me bonkers."

Bonnie was still in denial.  There was no way it could be that simple to bring someone back from the dead.  It seemed wrong, somehow, a cruel cheat that a mirror of all things should have the ability.  And that a person should a own such a thing, and have that much power.

Bonnie's mind began to spiral, unravel, as she gave into silent panic.  In the back of her mind, she'd felt a chill upon meeting and getting to know Fredericka.  Every new story about the two sisters had creeped her out more than the last.  Bonnie knew it was just the beginning, just a tip of the iceberg, but she had a terrifying feeling that what the Bennett sisters had done back in the 16th century had gone far, far beyond just mirrors and manipulation.

Kai was oblivious to her quiet implosion.  Ever the plucky chatterbox, he simply babbled on.

"The main man downstairs?  Not a friendly dude.  Hates it when people skip out on the check, if you know what I mean.  He's actually got a guy pushing a rock up a hill for fucking eternity simply for attempting to do what I just did."  He finally turned and laid eyes on Bonnie.  "Or rather...what you just did."

Bonnie forced herself to remain calm, drawing deep, slow breaths and maintaining a steady voice.

"A deal's a deal, Kai," she reminded him.  "I brought you back.  Now, let's go get my mom."


Nekyia ~ The Price They Paid (#BonKai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ Servants and Best Friends

Summer, 1572
Vichy, France
The Estate of the Count of Auvergne

"Did you see Theodoric?  Fawning over his new little brown girl.  God only knows what wretched hole in England he found her in."

"I heard she's the daughter of a baker.  Can you believe that?  A baker.  Makes you wonder what spell she has him under."

"I wouldn't put it past one of them, you know.  A girl like that was clearly built to be a servant.  Yet he's come back smitten from that godless country, gushing about being deeply in love."

"It's a shame she talked him into going to France.  Had he stayed behind, we could've found him a proper German woman.  Make him realize what a tragic mistake he's made."

Nekyia ~ Servants and Best Friends (#BonKai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ Friederike

Dear Elena,

That single hour of talking with my ancestor was more informative than all the time I spent learning from Grams.  Fredericka is nothing like Grams; in fact, she and her sister Angelica were everything Bennetts are told not to be.  No wonder they never came up in conversation.

They learned about the Craft from their mom while they were growing up with their parents in England.  It's possible they were the very first witches in our family to have the name "Bennett".  Their dad was a baker and their mom a seamstress.  Their mom taught them all about sewing and embroidery, and the different fashions from the different countries in Western Europe.  Angelica really liked French fashions.  She hoped to marry a Frenchman and move back with him to France.

But her mother had different ideas entirely.  Her hope was to train her daughters to be handmaidens to a wealthy Englishwoman.  She believed that witches needed to avoid calling attention to themselves at all cost.  They needed to be humble and friendly, and stay out of sight.

I told Fredericka about my life here in Mystic Falls. She was disgusted. She said, "If Bennett women are still playing servants and best friends in the 21st Century, we have a serious problem."

See back then, Bennett blood was a lot stronger than it is now.  They wanted to be rich.  They wanted to have servants, not be servants.  So Angelica began creating the first of the Seven Mirrors to give them an advantage.  She wanted to speak their dead ancestors to gain more knowledge.

Turns out, to create a mirror which allows speaking to the dead, all one needs is the blood of a vampire.

Needless to say, Damon can be a very giving person when you spike his bourbon.


Nekyia ~ Friederike (#Bonkai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ Liminal Conversations

"Fredericka Bennett, to be exact," Bonnie Bennett announced triumphantly, slamming a dusty book onto Alaric Saltzman's coffee table.  "At least, that was her birth name.  When she was seventeen, she married a German Baron, and became the Lady Friederike, the Baroness von Dietrich.  That's how she met and supposedly befriended your ancestor Ishild, the Baroness von Salzmann."

Alaric's eyes widened.  "And she created the Seven Mirrors?"

Bonnie shrugged.  "More likely inherited most of them.  At the time of her marriage, five were already in her possession."  It had taken her a couple of days and dozens of phone calls to get this information, but once she got the right name, everything started to fall into place.

Damon Salvatore was already shaking his head, pouring himself another shot of bourbon.  Bonnie was surprised he didn't just swig from the bottle.

"I don't get it," he said.  "Why create something as powerful as the Seven Mirrors and then just give them to someone else?"

"I don't think she did," Bonnie shook her head slightly.  "Financial records between the Dietrich and Salzmann families specifically list the mirrors as part of Ishild's dowry.  Ishild was a Dietrich before she married into the Salzmann family.  She was, um, like an in-law into Fredericka.  In fact, I think she was Fredericka's student.  My ancestor was about ten years older than yours; they lived together for almost a decade.  When Fredericka died of poisoning in 1582, Ishild inherited all her belongings.  That same year, she got married."

Damon chuckled.  "She was poisoned?  Was it by apple, perchance?"

Alaric shot him a look.  "Let it go, dude."


Nekyia ~ Liminal Conversations (#Bonkai #BonnieBennett)

Previously ~ Spiegel, Spiegel an der Wand

Kai blinked impatiently.  "Well?"  When no one responded, he rolled his eyes and sighed irritably.  "Hey, guys...how long are we gonna just stare at one another across worlds?"

"No," Bonnie whispered, dismayed to the point she couldn't utter any other words.  This was who had accessed her mind, whispering poisonous thoughts while simmering in an inexplicable cold rage?  Well, it wasn't so inexplicable now.  Of course Kai wouldn't be too happy about dying.  In his mind, death was a treat reserved for everybody else.

"Seriously?" he raised an eyebrow.  "That's it?  That's all I get.  Weeks of reaching out and concentrating for hours at a time...and all I get is 'No'?  I thought college was supposed to increase your vocabulary, Bonnie."

"Let me guess," Damon began, his voice tight.  "You want us to bring you back.  And you actually think you can convince us to do it."

"Us?" Kai snorted.  "There is no us, Damon.  I don't need you; I've never needed you.  This one's all on our dear Bon-Bon, the only one among you who can actually do anything."  He drilled those dark eyes onto her now, his voice level and sure.  "I'm willing to make it worth your while, of course.  You won't believe the things I've seen down here."

Alaric was confused.  "Down...here?"

Kai gave that impatient sigh once more.  "Before I started picking off my siblings one by one, I figured the Gemini might retaliate.  So one night, I sleep-siphoned my sister Jo to borrow some of her magic.  And in moment of what I can only describe as 'sheer idiocy', I used that magic to create a fail-safe in the event of my demise.  So now, I'm down here, trapped in a world that makes the 1994 prison world look like a luxurious resort."  Kai seemed to wearily glance around himself.  "Looked so much cooler in the comic books."

A deep giggle bubbled up inside Damon's chest, exiting in a series of chortles.  "Still not seeing the part where Bonnie should help you.  From where I stand, you got exactly what you deserved."

Kai looked Damon in the eye, lips spreading in a slow, bemused smirk.  "Damon, I am where I am because I killed a handful of people.  When you finally die - and believe me, your death will be a lot sooner than you think - what do you think you'll deserve, Mr. I-Killed-People-For-Over-a-Century-and-a-Half?"