Tanya ~ Kahnum (#TanyaMKX)

Previously ~ Mileena

Several days later

Tanya hadn't felt this good since childhood.  True, the loss of Sindel, Kitana, and even the stone-faced Jade weighed heavily at times, but things were finally looking up.  Never had she looked forward to an event with the same eagerness she did the funerals of Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung.

"You shouldn't dress so lavishly," Rain chuckled.  "You don't want to offend our new Empress."

"Oh, please," Tanya waved dismissively, preening before her mirrors to admired her newest gown.  She and Rain had been awarded Sindel's old chambers, and host of three dozen servants, along with the lordship over three provinces.  The benefits of their status were surprisingly astounding, but it didn't change their goals.  "Mileena adores me.  If I don't show up in the glamorous garb of a royal, she'll wonder if something's wrong."

"One of these days, you're going to have to share with me how you gained the Kahnum's affections so quickly," Rain raised an eyebrow.  "It's as though she loved you at first sight."

Tanya snorted.  You have no idea.


Tanya ~ Mileena (#TanyaMKX)

Previously ~ The Apt Pupil

Several Millennia Later

After thousands of years of serving at the Kahn's pleasure, Tanya had long forgotten how many generals and dignitaries she'd been ordered to bed (Shang Tsung included), or how many wayward subjects she'd assassinated for the Emperor.  All she and Rain knew at this point was they were both officially fed up with the reign of the Kahn, and sick to death of life in Outworld.

It never got better; these barbarians and their myriad conquered never seemed to evolve.  Their villages and towns remained dusty, the majority of the population was starving; their few cities had neither art nor culture, and Shao Kahn was quite possibly the most despised emperor-god since the Elder One who fell eons ago (and whose name was never spoken aloud).

The allure of palace life and the vast accumulation of trinkets and prestige - in the end - meant nothing, and that was perhaps the most devastating blow to Tanya.  In the end, it all meant nothing...except getting to live for one more day.

Though she carried the rank of a noblewoman and served as a courtier, Tanya was used to being summoned like a servant at the Kahn's whim.  Today was no different; apparently Shang Tsung was back at court on some urgent errand for the Emperor, and Tanya was assigned to assist him "in whatever capacity he required".

Tanya ~ The Apt Pupil (#TanyaMKX)

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Previously ~ New Girl

The next morning, Shao Kahn summoned Rain to discuss some sort of military business, while Tanya and Li Mei were instructed to greet the Princess.  Tanya was particularly nervous.  She tried to keep her breathing evening and her heartbeat regular as she followed the attendant maid who came for them.  The ceilings of the Kahn's palace suddenly seemed impossibly tall; a chilly morning breeze drafted through the old stone halls, making Tanya wonder...was this part of the original Outworld?  Or had this been annexed from some long-conquered realm?

Kitana was every bit with polished beauty she was famed for.  Dressed in silken shades of blue and wearing a most a elaborate hairstyle, she sat gracefully upon a carved stone chair in a small but lavish sitting room, with animal skin rugs, a blazing hearth, and long velvet window drapes.

Even more stunning was her tall friend clad in vivid green silks.  The stoic Edenian was clearly a warrior; she stood guard next to Kitana, showing off her exquisite long legs which seemed to go on for days.  Unlike the Princess, she wore her black hair free.

"Your Highness," Tanya bowed, breathless.  "I am humbled to be called into your presence."

To her surprise, neither Edenian woman greeted her warmly, and in a way, she understood.  Because of people like Rain, Edenians were having a hard time trusting one another these days.


Heads Up #Daos fans

Last week, I started the official novelization of Daos; it will follow most of what you've read here, but the chapters will flesh the characters out, change a few things about them, and reveal some new stuff.

I am, however, still interested in what you guys think.  Is there anyone you really want to see be in the novella, anyone you can do without, any idea you like our favorite supernatural stripper sleuth to explore?

Let me know!


Called It: #Tanya & Rain as Konsorts (#MKX)

The moment I saw Tanya and Rain in story mode, I knew they were getting it on. And the second I saw Mileena executed, I knew it was only a matter of time before Tanya handed Rain's ass over to the Kahn in the name of self-preservation.



I couldn't help myself (#Tanya #MKX)

I know...I'm warped.

Counting down to #Tanya (#MKX)

"Tell me I'm not a Boss Bitch.  Tell me I am not a Boss Bitch.  Say it...see what happens...."

It's happening.  It's taking so damn long my mouth is watering but it's slowly happening, drip by drip.

They said Tanya needed to be finished and I like where they're going with her finishing touches.  She looks a little darker-skinned, which is good.

And instead of just walking up on the select screen like everybody else, she does a playful cartwheel!!!