Chanté & Kristina ~ Chapter Three

Previously ~ Chapter Two

Chanté Cicero
Two weeks later

Santa Ana, CA 
0922 hours

"You're sending me back to Texas?"  Chanté Cicero gawked down at the file Agent Romero had handed her.  "You're sending me out to West Texas???"

Eric Romero had long grown used to this.  Chanté protested any assignment which wasn't located in the beating heart of concrete civilization.  It didn't bug him so much, because these conversations always ended the same way: she hopped on the plane one to two days ahead of schedule, indulged what little bit she could in whichever desolate town he sent her to, and then came back a day late.

Even now she was hot on his heels, carrying the offending file in one hand and a soy latte in the other (she was vegan this week).  He could hear the click of her stiletto heels as she followed him through the glass doors of his corner office and continued her whining there.

"I was just in Texas, Agent Romero!"

"Yes, Agent Cicero, I'm well aware of that."  He sat down behind his desk and buzzed his personal assistant.  "Ernesto, hot coffee.  Black."  He looked back up at Chanté.  "Profiler's briefing is in twenty minutes."




Chanté & Kristina ~ Chapter Two

Previously ~ Chapter One

Chanté Cicero
Chanté wondered if she was suddenly stricken with a hearing problem.

"So let me get this straight," she blinked, as she walked Kristina back to her car.  Behind them, Del Rios PD was setting up a crime scene and prepping to move Travis Grange's corpse.  "You've been investigating this guy for months.  You've busted just about all of his accomplices and you wait this long to come for him?"

Kristina hadn't spent an hour with this woman but she was already getting irritated.

"Travis," she bit out, "wasn't our priority.  He wasn't even a danger.  There were bigger fish to fry and he was just the worm we used to bait them."

"Yeah, well your non-dangerous piece of bait blew off the head of a convenience store owner in Anaheim," Chanté barked.  "That's how he got the funds for this little operation.  He evaded the local heat and switched cars at least six times before reaching the Texan border.  How did you even know how to find him at that point?"

Kristina shrugged.  "You watch a guy for eight months, you get to know him.  Didn't know about Anaheim though.  So much for interdepartmental chatter, huh?"




Chanté & Kristina ~ Chapter One

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Special Agent
Kristina Yeowang
Del Rio, Texas

This was the best part of the job.

Travis Grange was no doubt reaching town just as her own plane touched down. She liked this, timing her arrival to coincide with his. They never saw it coming.  They always assumed Feds were two steps behind.

Special Agent Kristina Yeowang had flown coach, taking the red eye out of Boston and ordering only one bourbon on the rocks the whole time.  She had no intention of checking in after arriving; she'd bet Special Agent Wright she could arrest Grange within an hour of the exchange.  By now Grange should've made contact and set up the meet.  His phone was untraceable and he wasn't driving a car with GPS, but it didn't matter.  She'd been profiling this guy for months.  She knew his thoughts, she knew his patterns, and she knew his deadline.

He couldn't cross the border with the stuff, so he'd bring the buyer to him.  At this time, Kristina had no interest in the buyer.  They were likely foreign and untouchable, no doubt protected by a nation with no extradition treaty.  Besides, they'd be leaving the country within moments of the exchange, and she had no desire to be stuck in dusty, sandy Del Rio any longer that she had to be.

All she wanted was Grange.  Let the other guy get caught in his own country.



Gaya's Astronomy V6E ~ Forgiveness

Kitran Desantos
Previously ~ Recollections

Andor Province, Bajor; six months later

"Your mother's become an overnight sensation," Vedek Kitran Desantos said, doing his round with the vespers lanterns at the Dohme Temple.  "I read in the news that within two days of opening the Global Bank of Ahnes, over three hundred Bajorans walked away with business loans.  It will do great things for our planet."

"Indeed," Gaya Mylanti nodded, walking him.  She noticed he was sticking with the long black robes these days, and the new look favored him immensely.  "She's also had dinner twice with the First Minister and once with the Kai.  I think they're finally starting to patch things up."

"Did she sell the property on Lissepia yet?"

"She's thinking about it," Mylanti sighed.  "It's hard for her.  Ahnes was my father's name; she built the Palace of Ahnes on Lissepia in his honor, and the rentals garner a steady stream of revenue she's redirected to Bajor.  It make sense to cut ties and go on, but she feels it's a roundabout way for Bajor to receive reparations."


Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch14 ~ Recollections

Kasidy Yates
Previously ~ Trying to Heal

Two days later

Chief Kasidy Yates didn't need to look up to know who'd entered her office and why.

"No, Miss Sahlan.  We still haven't been able to find out where Ayas Endo went."

"But you were able to trace the ship right?  You found out it was registered to Vedek Kitran?"

"The good Vedek isn't sure where Endo took it either," Kasidy patiently replied.  "He's...had his hands full."

Sahlan Reto mutely nodded.  Her eyes looked so wounded, Yates had no choice but to take pity on her.

"You really gotta let him, sweetheart."

Reto stiffened slightly.  "I just wanted to make sure he's safe.  You know...out of trouble."

"He broke into your shop, stole illegal chemicals, nearly got killed, and then headed out on the first ship he could acquire," Yates recited kindly.  "'Trouble' appears to be his middle name, Miss Sahlan."



Gaya's Astronomy V6Ch13 ~ Trying to Heal

Previously ~ The Things We Have to Do

Gaya Mylanti
Gaya Mylanti knew right away that it was no coincidence her mother, Rinan Slava, and the new Kai of Bajor were all arriving in Andor Province at the same time.

Mylanti knew that if she did a little digging and prodded her mother hard enough, she would find Gaya Irian had something to do with the sudden interest in a man kicked out of history.  After all, he had initially mistaken her for her mother.

Mylanti was exceedingly uncomfortable with the thought of her mother having been friends with that man; she was only recently beginning to really deal with her mother's marriage to a Cardassian, and the subsequent shame which came from that.  She would not be able to deal with her mother thinking of Slava as a friend.  There would be no recovering from that.

But alas, her questions would have to wait; Kai Patrelle Morana was meeting with the infamous Gaya Irian alone in one of the Vedeks' halls, and no one else was allowed to interrupt them.




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