Sleepy Hollow, What the Fuck?

On this very blog, I proposed the elevation of John Cho's character of Andy Brooks to a demon.  I did it...then you did it.  I still feel my Andy Brooks was better.

Later, when I "recast" John Cho as the demon Hyun-jun Im in Daos, I had him take on a water demon called a rusalkaIn my interpretation, she had the ability to pull victims out of their reality into a dark underwater realm and drown them.

Guess what I saw on last night's ep of Sleepy Hollow????


A Moment in Fandom: MisSpelled (@_MisSpelled)

Like I was saying on the Black Girls Club...if you're not watching MisSpelled, I do NOT know what you're doing with your life.

This web series has tapped into my inner fangirl in a way nothing has in a loooooong time.  It's like something straight out of one of my dream casts - the characters all female, and they're all brown.


It's a Comfort Issue

I haven't forgotten about this blog or run out of ideas; it's a comfort issue.  My computer is a desktop and it does no favor to the ankles to sit at a desktop all day at work then sit at one at home as well.  So I'm currently shopping for a cheap, tiny laptop so I lounge on my couch (last one died, and lil sis broke the other...*sigh*).

But the ideas?  No shortage of those.  I'm already thinking about Volume 2 of Oumar.

So if I'm quiet for the next few weeks, please forgive me and keep chatting while I ration my pennies between a new exercise bike and a used laptop.


Daos IV ~ Ch11: Reborn

Previously ~ No Fury

Dani Reyes
When Dani met Hyun-jun for their dinner date at a Caribbean grill, she noticed his mood was remarkably improved.  There was color in his cheeks, a bounce in his step, and he greeted her with a very sweet kiss, not caring that they were in public.  It left her breathless.

"What's gotten into you?" she asked, pleasantly dazed.

"A renewed sense of purpose," he beamed back.  "Something I haven't had in a very long time."  He looked up at the restaurant and raised an eyebrow.  "So this is where we're eating tonight?"

"Oh, yes," Dani nodded eagerly.  "This place does wonderful things with citrus flavors and ribs.  Smell that?"

They both inhaled the sweet, tangy aromas of orange, lemon, melted brown sugar, and seasoned beef.  Hyun-jun felt his mouth water as his stomach growled.

"I have to say, Daniella," he mused, "you do have the best taste in food."

Dani shrugged modestly.  "Trish likes to do the on-again-off-again vegan/vegetarian thing, but I don't bother.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I care about being healthy and all that, but personally...I've never met a cooked animal I didn't like."

Hyun-jun Im
Hyun-jun felt his heart stop.  He turned to look at Dani, really look at her for the first, suddenly realizing how much she reminded him of someone.  That same sweet nature, that similar awkward, innocent charm...and that identical bottomless pit of a stomach.  How had he missed this before?

"What did you just say?" he whispered, suddenly out of breath.

"I know I shouldn't eat as much meat as I do," she sighed, "because people in my family are prone to a certain skin condition, but I've always be believed that a world-class rack of ribs is totally worth the acne."

What happened next baffled them both.  Without warning, Hyun-jun had Dani back in his arms, giving her a kiss that bordered on X-rated.  When they finally parted, breathless and almost speechless, he assured her, "Tonight...you can eat all the ribs you want.  I don't care if the resulting acne is biblical."



Daos IV ~ Ch10: No Fury

Previously ~ Dilemmas, Choices...Morals

Trish Flores
Three days later

"Trish, now that I'm having sex, could you teach me about lingerie?"

Trish Flores's hand stopped halfway towards her mouth.  She hadn't actually had her morning coffee, so she was fairly certain her ears were playing tricks on her.

She looked up from her tablet and stared across the breakfast table at her roommate.

"What?" she asked.  "Now that you're having what...you want me to teach you about what?"

Dani Reyes sighed patiently, attempting to explain.  "I've started having sex.  I found a gynecologist and got a prescription for birth control.  And I bought a box of those candy-flavored condoms.  But I also feel that sex shouldn't be all about hygiene and contraception.  I think I should invest in lingerie as well."

Trish took a few slow slips of her coffee, willing her brain to stop whirling and get a grip.  She had a huge problem with Dani being sexually active.  In her mind, Dani was a twelve-year-old trapped in the body of a fourteen-year-old (Dani had "filling out" issues).

Dani Reyes
She needed Dani to start from the beginning.

"You've started having sex?"

Dani nodded.  "The first time was with Dominador.  It was kinda spur of the moment.  The second time was a few a days later with Hyun-jun.  He's a bit more regu--"

"You slept with Dominador?" Trish exclaimed.  "You slept with Hyun-jun?  A few days later???"

Dani paused.  "Does that make me a slut?"

"No," Trish shook her head, not wanting to traumatize her roommate.  "No, no, no, no, no - well, kinda...."



Daos IV ~ Ch9: Dilemmas, Choices...Morals

Previously ~ Gotta Deal at Some Point

Antonello Gomez
"He's a young man, Bibiana."

"I know, Antonello."

"With his whole life and career ahead of him."

"I'm well aware of that, thank you."

"Come, come now," Carmen cut in, banging her spoon against her wine glass.  "It's not like Bibiana and I are dried up old prunes, and it's not like they're carrying on some tawdry affair.  Daos likes her - that's all."

"If people outside the department begin to talk, it could reflect poorly upon your judgment, Bibiana," the Mayor warned.  "We may even have to install a new Chief before then."

Carmen's mouth fell open as Bibiana's heart stopped.  The newspaper editor had to gather her wits before she could speak.  "Fire...Bibiana?"

It was as though she had to hear the words aloud, and she wasn't alone.

"Antonello," Bibiana began slowly, trying not to let her voice shake.  "You would terminate me over Daos?"

"Daos runs a clean city," Gomez replied, brutally honest.  Clearly he'd sobered up.  "The town needs him and before you get upset, remember that it was you who brought him and insisted he was valuable.  Well, you were right.  He's a smart, powerful young man with his whole life and career ahead of him, and I can't let you jeopardize that."




Daos IV ~ Ch8: Gotta Deal at Some Point

Previously ~ Quid Pro Quo

Chief Bibiana Solís
It was another lazy evening at the Gato Negro.  The dark red walls bloomed in the candlelight.  From the kitchens wafted wave after wave of succulent aromas coupled with smoke.  A mournful guitarist strummed and sang of lost love in Spanish, completing the final layer of romance.

It would have been a perfect scene, if not for the company.

Police Chief Bibiana Solís sat with Mayor Antonello Gomez and the Chief Editor of the Medianoche Herald, Carmen Arellano, wondering why the hell she was wasting a perfect evening with Carmen and Gomez when she could be home racking the up views of Daos on YouTube.

It didn't help that Carmen's cleavage was half out, with one hand constantly reaching out to pet Gomez's arm, while he remained blissfully unaware and a little bit tipsy.

Bibiana mentally rubbed her temples and suddenly longed for the days when corpses seemed to rain from the sky.

"Bibiana, how is Daos?" Carmen suddenly asked, meeting her eyes.  "I've noticed that you two don't spend much time with each other now that the death toll's gone down."

Carmen Arellano
Bibiana started to shake her head.  "Why...would we --"

"That's a very lovely necklace you're wearing," Carmen beamed.  "Don't you think so, Antonello?  You know Daos gave her that necklace."

Antonello nodded slightly, pouring yet another glass of white wine which caused Bibiana to wince.  "It's an agimat," he explained.  "In Filipino lore, it protects the wearer from supernatural evil."

"Such a romantic gift," Carmen purred, "don't you think?"

Gomez, still clueless, shrugged his shoulders.  "More like practical.  As our Chief of Police, she is a logical target."

"Oh please, Antonello," Carmen rolled her eyes.  "Don't act like you don't see what's going on.  Daos likes her.  And to hear on the grapevine, everybody knows it."

This seemed to wake Gomez from his slowly deepening stupor. "Daos likes you?"