Heads Up #Daos fans

Last week, I started the official novelization of Daos; it will follow most of what you've read here, but the chapters will flesh the characters out, change a few things about them, and reveal some new stuff.

I am, however, still interested in what you guys think.  Is there anyone you really want to see be in the novella, anyone you can do without, any idea you like our favorite supernatural stripper sleuth to explore?

Let me know!


Called It: #Tanya & Rain as Konsorts (#MKX)

The moment I saw Tanya and Rain in story mode, I knew they were getting it on. And the second I saw Mileena executed, I knew it was only a matter of time before Tanya handed Rain's ass over to the Kahn in the name of self-preservation.



I couldn't help myself (#Tanya #MKX)

I know...I'm warped.

Counting down to #Tanya (#MKX)

"Tell me I'm not a Boss Bitch.  Tell me I am not a Boss Bitch.  Say it...see what happens...."

It's happening.  It's taking so damn long my mouth is watering but it's slowly happening, drip by drip.

They said Tanya needed to be finished and I like where they're going with her finishing touches.  She looks a little darker-skinned, which is good.

And instead of just walking up on the select screen like everybody else, she does a playful cartwheel!!!


Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

Oh, Mika, Mika returns to Dark & Twisty.  Begin your journey down the NSFW memory lane here.

You can thank this gal.


Tanya ~ New Girl (#TanyaMKX)

Previously ~ Cold-Blooded Snake

"Her name is Tanya; they say she is an Edenian who studied under Shang Tsung," Jade reported to her Queen.  She was tall woman, long-legged with dark skin and even darker hair.  Dressed in shimmering green, she was often heralded as the great beauty of the court.

"An Edenian?" Queen Sindel was intrigued for the first time in months.  She looked away from her golden vanity, keeping her voice low so the gaggle of handmaidens cleaning her vast chambers wouldn't hear.  "From what house?"

"If I understand the oral records correctly, her father was the late Ambassador who advised our King," Jade replied.

Sindel turned back to her mirror, applying a light cream to her pale skin.  She was a buxom, graying woman of refined beauty, often robed in purple and black.  Though not particularly liked by the Outworlders, she was still respected as the Edenian wife of the Kahn.

"What's she like?" the Queen asked.

"We know nothing of her thus far.  She was to be betrothed to General Rain, but they say she's been demoted to the status mistress."

Sindel's mood soured.  "She probably couldn't stomach being married to such a traitor."

Tanya ~ Cold-Blooded Snake (#TanyaMKX)

Previously ~ Servants of the Kahn

"Your desperation knows no bounds, old man."

Shang Tsung's teeth grated.  "I can assure you, General, it's no lie that I've taken her into my bed, many times, since last you were here."

Rain calmly sipped his afternoon tea, once again enjoying the fragrant breeze the of lush gardens.  He briefly gazed into his cup before raising level eyes to the old sorcerer.

"That's what I mean," he said calmly.  "I knew you favored her the moment I met you.  The way you tried so hard to sell me on the fortress...."  He shook his head and laughed.  "I should've known.   You're not the only palace lord to bed his court ladies, sorcerer.  Queen Sindel loathes the very sight of the Emperor; how do you think he satiates?  He keeps a beautiful woman at arm's length at all times."  The Edenian flashed a handsome grin, relishing the wave of irritation that swept over Shang's face.

"Since betrothal contracts insist that the future bride be a virgin, I obviously cannot make her my wife" -- and here, Shang detected the tiniest note of relief -- "but she can still be my mistress.  Either way, she comes with me."