"Rochelle" Will Return

I'm not out of ideas - far from it.  It's just been a hellish couple of weeks.

By the way...has anyone figured out what's going on with Isabella?


Rochelle ~ Intuition

Previously ~ Big Girl on Campus

And just like that...the door was opened.

The wall was gone, and the dark silence beckoned her to come forth.  She had been bound so long that this freedom was unfamiliar, but in the back of her mind she could a feeling a warning, reminding her not to misbehave this time around.

Rochelle's body relaxed as she rose, head above the waves, eyes westward.

"Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtower of the West," she invoked, "powers of water and intuition.  Hear me.  I invoke thee, Manon.  I invoke thee, Manon."

I invoke thee, Manon.

It was like hearing her own voice echoing on the wind in a distance.  She was within herself, yet beyond herself, hovering above and below.

I invoke thee, Manon.

The sunny afternoon suddenly faded into gray as storm clouds gathered and thunder rumbled.  A strong west wind rustled the palm trees and agitated the sea.  Fog rolled in, blanketing the beach in white.

Here he comes.


Rochelle ~ Big Girl on Campus

Previously ~ The First One Down

A/N ~ Sorry for the delays; I'm supposed to be putting the finishing touches on the Daos novel.

As the shock of Professor Morales's murder slowly began to subside, Rochelle slowly settled into her life at Azul College, even texting her parents once a week to let them know she was okay.  They didn't mind the minimal contact; her mother's charity was planning some ball and her father was trying to make senior partner.  Like her, they had their own lives to worry about and if everyone was being honest, it helped to have their kid out of the house.

Going to school in the morning was great; Rochelle went for a brief run in the mornings and treated herself to an iced mocha on the way to classes.  After classes and studying, she went to swimming practice and then went back to her villa for dinner with Isabella and Aster.

This was a new feeling, going from girl outcast to a fairly liked and admired young woman.

The night before the first swim meet, Rochelle and her girlfriend (she could pretty much call her that now), met for their usual evening meal, after which they snuggled on the couch with Aster and watched TV.

"We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to report a tragedy this evening: Coach Andrea Suarez of the new Azul College swimming team was found dead in her ancestral home on Suarez Avenue, the apparent victim of a strangling.  Her death comes on the heels of the Morales murder, which eerily harkens to the death of his ancestor Hector Ignacio Morales, whose murder was never solved...."


"Rochelle" Will Return

Sorry guys - it's a holiday weekend and I'm making the most of the extra free time.  But I promise our favorite witch will return ASAP!!!


Rochelle ~ The First One Down

Previously ~ History Lessons

Eva Mendes as "Isabella Molina"
Isabella spent the night again, but this time, they only kissed.  Rochelle still wasn't sure how she felt about this woman, but she was glad they'd met.  Her full name was Isabella Consuela Molina, she was a 21-year-old chemistry major, and she had two younger siblings, boy and girl twins named Carlos and Catalina.  Isabella tended bar to pay bills (and because she liked the scene), but she planned to intern with a perfumery in the spring.  She wasn't looking forward to the 45-minute commute, but she needed the experience.

Rochelle suddenly realized Isabella's appeal; she was the first person to be openly attracted to Rochelle.  At Rochelle's old school, she'd heard numerous whispers and rumors about boys liking her but not wanting to go out with her for fear of their parents.  One time in the cafeteria she'd overheard someone pointing her out.  There goes the hot one...how come she hangs out with the Bitches of Eastwick?

She'd ignored it, of course, not bothering to turn to see who spoke.  There was no point.  It wasn't going to lead to anything.  It was such a strange feeling, being depressed by a compliment.

But Isabella...Isabella's eyes had this way of warming upon her.  She gave compliments freely, and seemed genuinely interested in Rochelle as a person, her past, her future, likes, and dislikes.  She noticed how Rochelle picked the red bell peppers from her fajitas, that she always drank her tequila straight, and that her hair smelled of coconut and hibiscus.

And then there was Isabella herself, with her sunny optimism and casual touch.  Rochelle wasn't sure what it was about her that was so alluring but....

It was just all so new.


The Reminder to Chatter

Some of you are new here, and some of you have been here and are probably wondering where some of your favorite stuff has gone. The truth is...if you don't chatter, I lose motivation to finish.  I can see that people are visiting this page, but I can't tell if they're reading and if they're reading, I can't tell if they are enjoy.  You got chat with me, boos, otherwise I don't know what's going on.  And I don't get better as a writer.


Rochelle ~ History Lessons

Previously ~ Bruja

Rochelle spent the day in a quiet panic, tuning out her professors and only pretending take notes as she racked her brain.  She hadn't told any of those basic bitches she used to roll with about moving out here.  Her parents most likely hadn't told them either; in fact, Rochelle's father had been particularly relieved once she told him she was friends with them anymore.  She didn't have a Twitter or Facebook or even an Instagram account.  There was absolutely no way anyone down here could know she was ever into witchcraft.

And yet....

Maybe it wasn't directed at me.  I was drunk, I was horny, I was apparently seducing a bartender...maybe I just overheard someone else's convo and made it about me.  But it can't be about me.  No one down here knows about me.

"Rochelle Davis?"

Her head snapped towards the voice; she spied Professor Morales coming down the hall towards her, giving a friendly wave.

"How you doin'?" he greeted warmly.

"Great," she replied, looking around herself slightly bewildered. Why was he talking to her?  Had she already developed a reputation for being a slut?