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Daniel ~ Atlas

Previously ~ Killer

To Heather's surprise, her sister Angela practically skipped into her office, glowing as she hadn't in years.  She plopped down into a big, cushy white chair in front of Heather's huge desk.

"What's gotten into you?" the older sister inquired, closing her laptop and leaning in.  "You look like you've fallen in love."

"Oh, sis!" Angela gushed, sighing blissfully, closing her eyes, hugging herself and swaying.  "He may not have a head for business, but he definitely has a gift for the classics."

Heather raised a dark eyebrow, slightly puzzled.  "Who?  Danny?"

"Oh, yes," Angela beamed, opening her eyes wide.  "His vocabulary is more than appropriate for his age.  His knowledge of poetry is ridiculous - and his Mandarin??? Sis!  It's flawless!  I mean, flawless!  He can read and write multiple dialects.  And when he recites his favorite poems, he sounds exactly how I've always …

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