Daniel ~ Killer

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Previously ~ K'un Lun

"Detective Knight?  I'm Detective--"

"Colleen Hama-Wing."  Mercedes Knight - better known as Misty - cocked her head of bouncy black curls and grinned at the freshman. Normally, she wasn't so chummy and open to rookies, but when the rookie in question was the niece of a billionaire willing to make a very, very generous donation to the precinct, it helped toplay nice.

"That's right," the rookie nodded.  She was fresh-faced, sun-kissed, with jet black hair and a sparkle to her dark eyes.  "Calm me, Colleen."

"Call me Misty," the senior detective smirked. She was of medium height, with smooth medium brown skin, and a head full bouncy, brown-black curls.  "I hope you had your coffee this morning.  Ever hear of a fancy dojo on the Upper West Side called the Hall of the Fourth Treasure?"

Colleen shook her head, brow furrowed as her eyes searched in hopes of recalling.  "Can't I say have."

"Supposedly, wushu's their specialty," Misty explained.  "Body turned up this morning in one of their sacred chambers or whatever."  She pulled her keys from her right pants pocket.  "Like, I said...hope you had your had your coffee this morning."


Daniel ~ K'un Lun, a Prologue

Previously ~ Dramatis Personae

In her defense, the breakfasts were his idea.

Every morning, they rose like clockwork and sat down to eat, just the two of them.  She was up every morning by five, showered and dressed just before six.  They would "eat" until six-thirty, when Nigel would bring the car and take them to work.

Years of routine had rendered alarm clocks all but obsolete.  Heather Wing-Meachum had been getting up at five for as long as she could remember, even when she was on vacation.  And he...he was always up long before the dawn.

She'd caught him sleeping on the hardwood floors of his bedroom in their penthouse.  Skin literally pressed against the cold floor, arms like pillows, and a mere thin sheet draped across his naked body.  The day after she'd seen that, he came home to find his room had been newly carpeted.  Now when he slept, it was against plush, white softness, and the scent of powdery spring.

He seemed in tune with everything.  His eyes missed nothing; it was as though his ears heard everything.  He always stood or sat with his back perfectly straight, like a monk forever entranced in prayer.  He ate mechanically, spooning his favorite childhood cereal into his mouth.  As he chewed, it was like his mouth was searching for something, possibly recognition.  His eyes looked as though he were chewing sand.

And yet, every morning, they sat down opposite each other, and ate.

Daniel ~ Dramatis Personae

Daniel is a fan-fixtion of Irish Fist Iron Fist. It follows the trials and tribulations of a young billionaire returned from the dead (so to speak), as he works to fit into a world he no longer recognizes.

To say this is an "AU" fic is an understatement of titanic proportions.

...I'm just going to leave it at that.


Benedictus ~ Before Salem, a Prologue

Previously: Dramatis Personae

800 A.D., City of Aachen
Holy Roman Empire

Caleb drifted in and out of consciousness as the monks carried him into their sanctuary.  He didn't know why they even bothered.  He was dying and that was all there was to it.

This was his reward for spending all those as a mercenary in Pepin's army; now that his sone Charlemagne sat in the throne, it seemed fitting that Caleb would die and finally have done with this miserable life.

After all, there wasn't much to live for.  His family - what was left of it - was back in Mercia, probably still working the old farm.  In the unlikely event that he went back, he'd be of no use.  He was pretty sure his left would have to go to stop the spread of infection, but it didn't matter.  This hellish fever was likely to take him first.

They speaking the tongue of the Rhineland, which Caleb understood some of, and they were scurrying in a quite a hurry, their shoes scuffing against the floor, their coarse woolen robes brushing against his skin.

At least I shall die in a house of God, Caleb mused sleepily, a faint smile forming on his lips.  It was ironic, seeing as he'd never believed in God before until now, at the hour of his death.

Benedictus ~ Dramatis Personae

Benedictus is a fanfiction based off The Vampire Diaries.  It focuses on a small family of Bennett witches who go by the French version of their name, Benoit.  Their predecessor is Lady Athenais Benoit, a witch who lived in Medieval France.


The Reminder to Chatter

Some of you are new here, and some of you have been here and are probably wondering where some of your favorite stuff has gone. The truth is...if you don't chatter, I lose motivation to finish.  I can see that people are visiting this page, but I can't tell if they're reading and if they're reading, I can't tell if they are enjoy.  You got chat with me, boos, otherwise I don't know what's going on.  And I don't get better as a writer.


Dear gods - didn't mean to be gone so long

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I've got a new roommate who brought with her a 55-inch TV.  I've been introducing her to lots of shows on Netflix which have got me feeling The Itch lately, soooooooo...

What do you me to write?

I've been thinking of an A/U version of Gwen from Merlin, in which she's the Moorish daughter of a nobleman, rather than Morgana's servant girl.  Besides, I love Angel Coulby and would enjoy any excuse to post pics of her in Queen Mode.

I've been thinking of writing a Star Trek: DS9 fic about a Bajoran Dabo girl who moves to the station to work for Quark and gets mixed up in some gritty underworld crime.  I think Azealia Banks would make a great muse.

I've been thinking about Zoe Washburne (Firefly) fic about how she dealt with the death of her husband.  Gina Torres is, after all, Perfection Herself.

And last but certainly not least...does anyone else seriously miss Xiaowei?  I'd love to revisit her world.

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